Rainbow’s new single ‘Mach’ — Really starting to like this group!

I’ve written about Korean girl group Rainbow before. After their disappointing debut single —  “Gossip Girl,” they came back strong and won many fans (including myself) with “A” (I still feel the lifting-the-shirt dance is lame).

Rainbow Mach new single kpop dominatrix black leatherNow they are back with a new single called “Mach”:

Why the song is named after a measure of speed I’ll never know (until I learn Korean). But who cares. It’s a great follow-up release and I’m now really starting to pay attention to Rainbow. I still don’t know their names and could care less for their sexed-up image.

As long as they come out with good singles like this, I’ll be eagerly awaiting Rainbow’s next release.

I just hope they hire better choreographers from now on.

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