Malaysia 2010: Day 5 — Langkawi (Ferry ride from Penang, Cable car & Sky Bridge)

Date: 29th September 2010

After a rather disappointing day in Penang yesterday, we woke up early today to set off on our next island destination:  Langkawi.

After a rushed breakfast, we hired a taxi and headed to the terminal to board our ferry to Langkawi. We bought our tickets yesterday itself, and its advisable to do so; our boat was full.

Inside ferry from Penang to Langkawi

It’s air-conditioned inside and there’s a “first class” upstairs as well

Inside ferry from Penang to Langkawi Loiyumba peace sign

The ferry leaves at 8:15am every morning

Penang to Langkawi ferry window

Soon after the ferry set off, we decided to get up from our seats and go ‘upstairs’…

Penang to Langkawi ferry ride mushroom cloud

… and then outside. The mushroom cloud from yesterday was still there.

Penang to Langkawi ferry on topPenang to Langkawi ferry ride

Leaving Penang island ferry ride

Goodbye Penang, until next time

Penang to Langkawi ferry clear sky

On one side it was clear sunny skies…

Penang to Langkawi waters clouds panorama

…on the other, dark clouds with some pockets of rain

Malacca Strait rain showers clouds panorama

In this wide panorama shot, you can see the pockets receiving rainfall in the distance

Malacca strait sea big cloud formation

There were some lovely cloud formations along the way

Langkawi Malacca Strait beautiful cloud formation sky

Malacca Strait sea fishing boat

Malacca Strait ferry trail

The fumes are coming from the ferry

Penang to Langkawi ferry ride Loiyumba sleeping

With a cool breeze, calm waters, and sunshine…

Penang to Langkawi ferry ride Loiyumba bench

… it’s perfect for a nap

Malacca Strait Langkawi waters concentrated rain

It was cool to see rainfall like this

Langkawi ferry ride Mithun AOL Google tshirts

I wasn’t the only one on board donning our company t-shirts (Photograph by Loiyumba)

Reaching Langkawi by ferry boat

By 10:30am, we were nearing Langkawi

Malacca Strait buoy Langkawi

The water was getting clearer

Malacca Strait Langkawi ship

At this point, we were asked to go back to our seats

Arriving Langkawi ferry terminal passengers

Langkawi ferry boat docked at terminal

This was our ferry (Taken using my phone camera)

Welcome to Langkawi ferry terminal

Hello Langkawi! (Taken on the Nokia E72)

Langkawi ferry terminal pier

(Taken on the Nokia E72)

Langkawi ferry terminal restaurant

 (Taken on the Nokia E72)

Langkawi ferry terminal yachts marina

Plenty of yachts out here (Taken on the Nokia E72)

We hired a taxi to get to our hotel, which was on Pantai Cenang beach. (Cost us RM24)

Taxi Proton Langkawi ferry terminal

There is a pre-paid taxi booth outside the terminal

Langkawi Kuah town road

The main town in Langkawi is Kuah (Photograph by Loiyumba)

By the way, if you wondering where the iconic symbol of Langkawi (the eagle statue) is, you can find it near a park very close to the ferry terminal. We passed it while driving out of the terminal but didn’t bother stopping to take photos… as there isn’t much to it.

Langkawi taxi ride from Kuah to Pantai Cenang

The drive takes around half an hour

Langkawi Malaysia navy quarters office

Langkawi islands driving by

We were quite happy to see all this

Langkawi paddy field farm housesLangkawi taxi ride top Pantai Cenang

Langkawi Pantai Cenang road

By 11:30 we were at Pantai Cenang

We could see a sign on the main road pointing to Sweet Inn Motel, the place where we had reservations. Problem is, the sign was pointing to the left side, into the mainland and not to the right, where the beach was.

Sweet Inn motel Langkawi Pantai Cenang rooms

We were a *bit* disappointed upon seeing the place

Sweet Inn Motel Langkawi owner's house

This I’m guessing is the motel owner’s house (Photograph by Loiyumba)

When we made the booking via in August, the description read “on Pantai Cenang beach,” and though it is only a 2 minute walk away from the beach, it’s not a sea facing hotel. Oh well, at least it was cheap. Our triple room cost us Rs. 2360 ($52/€37) for two nights — that’s under Rs. 800 per person for 2 nights!

The rooms were also quite decent. The triple room was one double bed and a single bed, a TV with mostly local channels, wardrobe and a clean enough toilet with hot shower.

We couldn’t check in yet because our rooms weren’t cleaned and kept ready. So instead, we dumped our bags in the office room and hit the beach.

Langkawi Pantai Cenang beach parasailing

Babylon lounge bar Pantai Cenang Langkawi

Is there any beach on the planet that doesn’t have a Jamaica-themed bar?

Langkawi Pantai Cenang beach panorama

Langkawi’s most popular beach — Pantai Cenang beach (panorama comprised of 15 shots)

We couldn’t hand around for too long at the beach. We needed to convert currency as we were running short of Malaysian Ringgits. Loi wanted to sit at the bar, so myself & Ramesh headed back to the main road in search of a money exchange.

Palace of India Malibest resort Pantai Cenang Langkawi

There are a few Indian restaurants here

The resort you see above is Malibest Resort, and it’s by the beach.

AB Motel Pantai Cenag Langkawi Malaysia

So is this place

AB Motel Pantai Cenag Langkawi bike rentals

Just about every hotel has bikes for rent

Langgura Baron resort Pantai Cenang Langkawi

Langgura Baron resort is more ‘motel’ than ‘resort’. Reasonable rates & by the sea.

When we first came across a money exchange center, they were closed for lunch. We had to walk quite a bit before we came across one that was open. There really weren’t that many money exchange centers on Pantai Cenang road. Not as ubiquitous as I noticed in Thailand. My advice is to convert money either prior to landing in Langkawi or outside the ferry terminal if you come by boat.

Money in hand, we headed back to the beach.

Pantai Cenang beach Indians Arabs Langkawi

Judging by the flags, Indians and Arabs form a large chunk of the tourists in Langkawi

Villa Idaman Pantai Cenang Langkawi

Villa Idaman Motel, I couldn’t find their official site so you’ll just have to Google for more info

Pantai Cenang beach Langkawi sand

Despite being Langkawi’s most popular beach, it wasn’t very crowded

Air Asia Langkawi flight in sky

Air Asia has plenty of daily flights to Langkawi

Langkawi Pantai Cenang beach hotel

Not sure if this hotel was open yet

Melati Tanjung Motel Pantai Cenang Langkawi

Melati Tanjung Motel, this another budget sea-facing option

AB Motel Pantai Cenag Langkawi watersports

The usual watersports are on offer

Langkawi Pantai Cenang Jet ski watersports

Langkawi Pantai Cenang beach sand art

Lovely ‘sand art’ by beach snails (I presume)…

Langkawi Pantai Cenang beach snail sand formations

… and the shore line had lots of them!

Langkawi Pantai Cenang beach dead jellyfish

A dead jellyfish. Felt like poking it with my fingers… but didn’t.

Babylon beach shack bar Pantai Cenang Langkawi

Inside Babylon bar

After having a beer to cool ourselves, we went back to Sweet Inn to check in to our rooms.

Langkawi Pantai Cenang village split road

Take the left road to get to Sweet Inn motel

After we checked in, we freshened up and then stepped out again for lunch.

Nasi Lemak lunch Pantai Cenang Langkawi

I had Nasi Lemak, pretty much the Malay-equivalent to India’s ‘meals’

Considered to be the national dish of Malaysia, Nasi Lemak consists of some rice, roasted peanuts, papadam bits, small dried anchovies, boiled egg and and sambal, a spicy sauce (in the above photo, it’s the red one with calamari in it). The meal is filling and is usually very reasonably priced.

Nasi Goreng veg egg noodle soup Malay dishes

Ramesh had the one on the left; Loi had the one on the right

After lunch, instead of taking a nap, we decided to rent bikes and head to the Langkawi Sky Bridge while the sun was still up.

We rented 2 scooters at RM22 (Rs. 325/$7/€5)  each for 24hrs.

Modena scooters bike rent Pantai Cenang Langkawi

The bikes that were the most common were Modenas. This model is called the Karisma.

The rental shop made a note of all the pre-existing scratches and damages before handing it over to us.

Modena Karisma scooters renting bikes Pantai Cenang Langkawi

It’s best you inspect the bike as carefully as possible, so that they cannot point at any scratch or damage on the bike claiming you did that when you return it.

Helmets on, we set off. Ramesh rode solo while I rode with Loi sitting behind me.

Riding bikes Langkawi helmets

Photograph by Loiyumba

Langkawi road trip with bikes

Photograph by Loiyumba

Langkawi mosque

Photograph by Loiyumba

Langkawi petrol station

We stopped to fuel up. Filled up petrol for RM8 (Rs. 118). (These are self service stations by the way)

Riding through Langkawi road trip

Quite a scenic drive

Langkawi paddy field pipes

Bike road trip Langkawi Loiyumba clicking

… and it kept getting better

Bend near Langkawi airfield

Langkawi airfield plane landing

This is one end of the Langkawi International Airport runway

Pantai Cenang to Langkawi cable car sky bridge route map

This is the route we took. ‘B’ is Pantai Cenang beach and ‘A’ is the Langkawi Sky Bridge.

Stopping at Langkawi airfield

We had to stop to take a few photos. (Yes, I was aware of how big the helmet was on my head)

Langkawi bridge panorama

Panorama comprised of 3 shots

Langkawi airfield fishing by the sea

He’s fishing… not anything else

Langkawi scooter ride Mithun Ramesh

We moved ahead and then stopped again. I don’t remember why though.

Langkawi bike ride Ramesh

Ramesh ridin’ solo

Driving to Langkawi cable carLangkawi bridge cable carWe stopped here on the bridge to take a few photos.

Langkawi river near bridgeLangkawi bridge underpass roadLangkawi bridge underpass road rightModena Karisma parked Langkawi bridgeWe moved on.

Way to Langkawi cable car fruit stall

You reach a T-junction, from where you’ll see this fruit stall. Take the right.

Then, up ahead is a signal. From the signal, you have to take a left turn.

Driving to Langkawi sky bridge downhillDriving to Langkawi hill cable car

Langkawi yacht club marina

You’ll pass the Langkawi Yacht Club

Langkawi Yacht Club lighthouse

Langkawi Yacht Club boat

The road to the sky bridge goes all around the marina

After setting off at 2pm, by 4pm we were at the Langkawi Geopark. It’s not that the journey takes that long, we just stopped on the way quite a bit.

Langkawi Cable Car parking lot

There’s ample parking available for cars & bikes

Getting to Langkawi Cable Car ride

Langkawi Cable Car Oriental Village

There are stores and restaurants below

Langkawi Cable Car entrance

You buy the tickets from here

Langkawi Cable Car pods

Tickets cost RM30 per adult (Rs. 440/$10/€7)

Langkawi Cable Car Oriental Village viewLangkawi cable car towerLangkawi cable car sea view

Langkawi Geological Park waterfall

There are few mini-waterfalls here

Langkawi cable car design

Langkawi cable car first stop station

This is the first station, there’s another leg to the trip to the top

Langkawi view from cable car

The view is amazing even at half-way point

Langkawi cable car sky bridge

That’s the sky bridge

Langkawi Geological Park forest trees panorama

Panorama comprised of 10 vertical shots

We got into the cable car and continued up.

Langkawi sky bridge Malaysia

Great design

Langkawi Geological Park steps to sky bridge

Once you get to the second platform, you have to take these steps to get down to the sky bridge

Langkawi Geological Park 652 meter above-sea level

That’s how high the sky bridge is above sea level

Langkawi sky bridge steps upLangkawi sky bridge platform viewLangkawi sky bridge walkwayLangkawi Geological Park limestone hills

Langkawi sky bridge platform gap

By the way, there are gaps in between the platform you walk on

Langkawi Geological Park sunsetLangkawi hill Andaman sea sunset wavesLangkawi island sky bridgeApparently the final scene of the Hindi film Don (starring Shah Rukh Khan) was filmed on the sky bridge. I didn’t see the film, but that’s what Ramesh & Loi said.

Langkawi Geological Park islandsLangkawi mountain terrain edge

Langkawi sky bridge under platform

There were steps leading under the platform. Being curious, I took it.

Langkawi geological park trekking path steps

Apparently you can trek all the way down too. But you need prior permission.

Langkawi geological park trekking path tree

Walked a few steps down and saw this. So went back up again.

Langkawi geological park nearby islandsLangkawi sky bridge sectionLangkawi geological park hillsLangkawi cable car Malacca Strait islands view

Langkawi geological park second highest observation deck

That’s the second highest observation deck

Langkawi cable car steps to observation deck

Langkawi Yacht Club marina from sky bridge

That’s the marina of the Langkawi Yacht Club

Langkawi cable car observation deck closed

This observation deck was closed for maintenance

Langkawi cable car 705 meter above sea level

So we went to the other observation deck

Langkawi cable car observation deck Mithun Loiyumba

Me showing Loi where we were staying (Photograph by Ramesh)

Langkawi Pantai Cenang view from observation deck

The first wing of the beach you see in the distance is Pantai Cenang. The one further up is Pantai Tengah.

Langkawi geopark observation deck view mapLangkawi cable car highest observation deck
If you want a video of the sky bridge, watch this HD capture by Ramesh:


Langkawi island sun setting cloudy eveningThe sun was setting, so we decided to head back down.

Langkawi tiny islandLangkawi cable car from highest observation deckLangkawi cable car highest stationRamesh took video of our journey back down:

(You can view it in HD for better clarity)

Langkawi cable car pillarsLangkawi cable car first station

Langkawi Geopark Temurun waterfall

Temurun waterfall

Once down, we checked out the Oriental Village.

Langkawi Geopark Oriental Village bridgeLangkawi Geopark Oriental village pond fountainLangkawi Geopark Oriental village pond fishLangkawi Geopark Oriental Village white ducksLangkawi Geopark Oriental Village ChineseThe Oriental Village mostly comprises of shops, restaurants and other services like massage spas. We were a bit hungry so we sat in a cafe to have something to eat.

Roselle flower juice beef burger Langkawi Geopark restaurant

This is what I had: Roselle flower juice (L) & beef burger (R)

It was was past 6pm, which is also closing time for the cable car ride.  We wanted to make the most of whatever sunlight was available while heading back. So we set off…

Langkawi near Yacht Club

…buuut we ended up stopping again near the Langkawi Yacht Club

Langkawi Yacht Club sunset

Langkawi Yacht Club evening panorama

Langkawi Yacht Club lighthouse sunset purple sky

A beautiful evening to close out a lovely first day in Langkawi

Langkawi Petronas station near yacht club

There’s a Petronas gas station near the yacht club

Mithun Loiyumba bike waiting

Yes, me and my big helmet (Photograph by Ramesh)

As darkness fell, we still managed to get back to Pantai Cenang beach road in around 45 minutes. Instead of heading back to our rooms, we decided to make the most of the bikes while we had them. We drove straight, on to Pantai Tengah beach and past it as well, until we hit a dead end which looked like another docking bay for boats.

So we made our way back and decided to return the bikes tonight itself.

Langkawi Pantai Cenang T-shoppe bike rentals

This is the place where we rented our bikes from

The reason why we returned them is because the next morning we had booked ourselves for an island-hopping tour which would last until afternoon. So by the time we would have gotten back to our rooms, it would have been past the 24-hour limit.

Orkid Rea seafood restaurant Pantai Cenang Langkawi

For our early dinner, we went to this restaurant which had a sizable crowd

Orkid Rea seafood restaurant interior Pantai Cenang Langkawi

It’s lovely place and isn’t that expensive

Orkid Rea seafood restaurant lobster tiger prawns Langkawi


Orkid Rea seafood restaurant mud crab Langkawi


Orkid Rea seafood restaurant mantis prawn Langkawi


(I kinda wanted to try it though)

Chinese butter prawns dinner Langkawi

But Loi & I ended up ordering this interesting looking butter pan-fried tiger prawns

We had a large plate of fries, some beers, and some pasta; all of which came to around RM44 (Rs. 650).

Kit Kat cone ice cream Malaysia

For dessert, and in my quest to try out new things, I had Kit Kat ice cream. It was okay.

With that, day one in Langkawi came to a close! We had woken up early in Penang today morning and tomorrow, we had to wake up early again for our pick up for the island-hopping tour.

So an early good night in Langkawi it was.

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  1. you take lovely photos too! i like the lighthouse in purple sunset shot. 🙂


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Thanks Jen. Yeah, that sight was too good for us to not stop and take photos!


  2. It was all very beautifull! Great pictures! We are going to langkawi ourselves. But my question is: how is it to travel with the boat from Penang to Langkawi? Where there many people seasick?

    Thanks a lot. Greetings Monique from Holland


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Well, I can’t predict the weather but the day we took the ride, it was very smooth! Smooth enough you will doze off 🙂


  3. hi,

    A nice post and very useful. I am planning to visit Langkawi by september. Is it possible to hire 2 wheeler, if i have valid Indian driving license.


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Well, we could. Dunno if the rules have changed. It didn’t seem to be a problem.


  4. a few years ago we came by ferry to Langkawi as we came into the port there was a statue of a big eagle i didnt see it in these photos, its a lovely island 0ne i would like to go back there we had a great time there


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