Apple store IFC mall Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Gurudwara, and walking around Wan Chai

Date: 29th June, 2012

Yesterday‘s typhoon brought with it quite a bit of rain, meaning I couldn’t go to Ocean Park today. So I stayed indoors, did some more research and only stepped out post lunch to begin ‘day 3’ in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong island roundabout
I decided to check out the tallest building on Hong Kong island

Pedestrian bridge Hong Kong

Art figure IFC mall Hong Kong
Walk straight and you enter IFC mall
IFC tower Hong Kong grey sky
The 88-storey International Financial Centre

ifc mall Zara stores Hong Kong
The mall had the usual high street brands
Hong Kong highway construction site
Major development work taking place outside
Rogers Stirk harbour partners display Hong Kong
A major architecture firm had many of their past projects on display
Shanghai Pudong masterplan model Hong Kong
They did a masterplan for Pudong (Shanghai). Spent quite some time reading up on their work.
Inside Apple store Hong Kong
The main reason I came to IFC mall is because Hong Kong’s official Apple store is located here. As much as I was tempted to pick up the iPhone 4S from here, I knew I would regret it in a few months time.
Apple store IFC mall Hong Kong
Took this from a walkway outside the mall
Bridge to ferry terminal Hong Kong
This takes you to the Star Ferry terminal
Hong Kong Giorgio Armani store tram
I decided to walk around some more

Cheung Kong building Hong Kong

The Landmark Dior Valentino store Hong Kong
I believe this was some complex called The Landmark

By now I’m sick of malls. After a while they all start to look the same, and it takes a lot to impress me these days. I didn’t bother taking many photos of the malls I went to.

Sir Thomas Jackson statue HSBC building Hong Kong
Sir Thomas Jackson, the chief manager of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation – or HSBC as it’s known today. The bank’s building is behind.

I took the metro and got off at Wan Chai as I decided to look for Hong Kong’s gurudwara – a sikh temple.

Southorn playground Hong Kong
Despite real estate being very expensive, they still have plenty of playgrounds for the general public
Old blue yellow buildings Hong Kong
Behind the swank office buildings are the older residential units. Which will most likely be replaced by swanky new buildings when their time comes.
Hong Kong apartment building panorama
That’s an example of a swank residential building
Sikh temple Hong Kong
After lots of walking, I eventually found the gurudwara

I washed my feet, and wore the head scarf before entering the prayer hall.

Inside prayer hall Gurudwara Hong Kong
Nice to experience an Indian connection when abroad
Mata Gujri social hall temple Hong Kong
I walked around the gurudwara
Guru Nanak darbar temple Hong Kong
They have other facilities for the Sikh community too

I went downstairs to the dining hall and although I had no intentions of eating early, two Indians there insisted I have a meal since I’m here.

Meal at Gurudwara temple Hong Kong
So I ate 🙂

It felt nice to eat simple dal (lentils), chaawal (rice) and roti (bread) even if it wasn’t the best of preparations. Whenever you are in a foreign land, even the simplest of Indian dishes taste better than you expect. What was nicer to see was poor Chinese workers and other tourists also eating here. After all, serving meals to anybody and everybody, irrespective of race and religion is the Sikh way at a gurudwara.

Sikh temple open ground Gurudwara Hong Kong
I left the Sikh temple after having a cup of tea
Queens road east Hong Kong
I walked down Queens Road
Subway Hong Kong evening traffic
Evening traffic had begun
Causeway Bay evening traffic Hong Kong
The roads aren’t too wide in Hong Kong, but because public transportation is so good here, the jams aren’t too chaotic or long
Bowrington Road wet market panorama Hong Kong
I found myself at a wet market (panorama comprised of 7 shots)
Bowrington road fish market Hong Kong
Hong Kong being an island obviously means there’s plenty of fish in the sea
Bowrington road wet market Hong Kong
This is the Bowrington Road wet market
Chicken stall butcher market Hong Kong
But this isn’t exclusively a fish market
Hong Kong streets night Causeway Bay
I had been walking for nearly two hours now
Retrostone Hong Kong night neon
As the sun sets, the neon lights come alive
Causeway Bay Wanchai night Hong Kong
I walked all the way back to my room and called it a an early night

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