Sky Cycle on wires Davao Philippines

Philippines: Sky Cycle at Eden Nature Park, Davao

Date: May 4th, 2014

Today I wondered what to check out first. I came to Davao with two main activity highlights: 1) Go sky cycling at Eden Nature Park, 2) Get a shot of Mount Apo. But despite residing at a dormitel situated on Mt. Apo street, the famed mountain — the largest in Philippines — was nowhere near me. Heck, Mount Apo, wasn’t even visible from Davao City! It seems Mount Apo is so huge that most people just go there as part of a multi-day trek.

I couldn’t do that since I only had two more days in Davao so I figured I’ll go check out Eden Nature Park. I followed the instructions on their website on how to get to Eden Nature Park and boarded a jeepney going to Toril (₱20). The landmark given to get down at was a Mercury Drug Store in Toril.

River side houses Davao City
I sat up front beside the driver
SM mall Davao City
Saw where the SM Davao mall is located. We were driving down McArthur Highway
McArthur Highway Davao city Philippines
It was a looooong ride to Toril
Toril Chowking Davao Philippines
Nearly an hour later, I got down at a junction at Toril where you have a Chowking to your left
Toril junction way to Eden
This was taken while I was standing on the left side. Across the road is the Mercury Drug Store. From here there were many bike taxis offering to take you to Eden Nature Park
Road to Eden Nature Park Davao
On Eden Nature Park’s website, they mentioned bike taxis would charge ₱80 for the ride from the junction at Toril to the entrance of the park. But the bike taxis guys here were pushing for ₱200! I told them about ₱80 and they scoffed claiming that was more than a year ago. I bargained as much as I could but eventually settled for ₱150. I couldn’t delay myself anymore.
Road to Eden Nature Park Philippines
It was a 20 minute bike ride up to the park’s entrance
Bad road to Eden Nature Park Davao
The good roads for much of the journey gave way to a bad, pot-holed stretch
Pot holes road to Eden Nature Park
But the park was close now

It was along this road I saw signs pointing to Mount Apo. Excited about seeing Mt. Apo after my time at Eden Nature Park, I asked the bike taxi driver if he could take me to Mt. Apo National Park so that I could just take a photo of the mountain. But the driver told me it’s still many kilometres further from Eden Nature Park.

Anyway, the bike taxi dropped me at the entrance to Eden Nature Park and I made way to the ticket counter. I bought the ₱200 entry ticket which is the basic entry fee access to the park. I needn’t buy the tickets for the Sky Cyle and zip line from this counter as the attendant told me I could do the same in the Sky Cycle area.

Eden Nature Park map Davao
I picked up a map of Eden Nature Park (free)
Eden Nature Park tour centre Davao
That’s the main ticket counter and where the restaurants are
Davao Eden Nature park path
I was making my way out again
Eden Nature Park tourists Davao Philippines
Even though it felt like nobody was going to Eden Nature Park when I was on the bike coming here, there were no shortage of visitors today. Many come by private tour vans or their own vehicles.
Exit Eden Nature Park Davao
The road leading out to the exit
Eden Nature Park entrance road Davao
This is the main road
Eden Nature Park way to Sky Cycle
The Sky Cycle and zip lines are across on the other side of the road
Sky Cycle area Eden Nature Park Davao
On the left is where we can buy tickets for the Sky Cycle ride
Sky Cycle tower Eden Nature Park Davao
This is also where the zip lining is
Sky Cycle tower zipline Eden Nature Park
That’s the tower from where you begin sky cycling and ziplining
Eden Nature park horse riding Davao
You have some horse riding and other kiddy activities on this side too

I bought the ₱300 (Rs. 418/$6/€5) ticket for both Sky Cycle and zip line (it’s cheaper if you buy the combo ticket). The ticket price includes a basic lunch meal. Then I sat down at the waiting area for my turn.

Sky Cycle Eden Nature Park Davao
I was excited
Zip line Eden Nature park Davao Philippines
Zip lining was a lot quicker
Zipline Sky Cycle Eden Nature park Philippines
Sky Cycle speeds depend on how fast you pedal
Sky Cycle Eden Nature park wires
Quite a sight isn’t it? 🙂
Zip line tower Eden Nature park
The distance didn’t seem too far away
Selfie Sky Cycle Davao Philippines
Enough time for a selfie!

When my number was up, I climbed up the tower with my GoPro, leaving my locked bag at the visitor’s area.

Greenhouse Eden Nature Park Davao Philippines
Those are Eden’s own greenhouses where they grow a variety of vegetables and other plants
Zip lining Eden Nature park Davao Philippines
A lady zip-lining above me
Mithun Sky Cycle selfie Davao
I had to get strapped up
Eden Nature park Sky Cycle wires
Time for me to ‘cycle in the sky’. Gulp!
Sky Cycle tower Eden Nature park Davao
Getting ready Sky Cycle Davao Philippines
Sky Cycle ride Davao Philippines
…and we’re off!
Cycling on wires Davao Philippines
That guy was way ahead of me… or maybe it’s because I was just pedaling slowly
Sky Cycle on wires Davao Philippines
I was a bit nervous and I tried not to look down. But the main reason I rode slowly is because… well, as you can see in the photo. I was just using one hand to hold the handle bar.
Sky Cycle Davao wheel modification
If you are wondering how the cycles stay steady, the tires have been removed and replaced with a groove that just rolls into the beam. That and a steel rod connects the bike to the steel cable above. The same cable above is also where the passenger’s harness is secured to.
Mithun Sky Cycle Eden Nature Park
Half way there
View from Sky Cycle Davao Philippines
That’s the view of Davao from the Sky Cycle
Mithun Divakaran Sky Cycle Davao
It wasn’t easy to click photos, but if you ride slowly, you can
Sky Cycle tower 2 Davao
When I reached the second tower, I got off the cycle, they turned the cycle around, checked the safety harness and only then allowed me go. This gave me time to set up my GoPro to record video.

(I merged the Sky Cycle and zip line videos into one video which you can see below)

After I returned to the first tower, I was un-strapped of the harness I was wearing. Now it was time for me to strap on the harness for the zip line.

Mithun Divakaran ziplining Davao Philippines
First up, photos
Zip line view of Sky Cycle Eden Davao
Needless to say, the zip line is a LOT faster than riding the Sky Cycle
Zip line end Eden Nature park
I reached the other side.

On the way back, I took a video — which you can see after the Sky Cycle ride (at the 2:06 mark).

Path Eden Nature Park Philippines
And with that, I was back on my feet and on the ground
Greenhouse Eden Nature Park Davao
I walked down to check out the Greenhouses for a bit
Greenhouse tomatoes Eden Nature Park Davao
This one was growing tomatoes
Sky Cycle trees Eden Nature Park
The view of the Sky Cycle riders from the greenhouses
Sky Cycle ride Eden Davao Philippines
At ₱300 for both the Sky Cycle ride and zip line, I guess it’s good value. After all, I don’t know of many places in the world that offers such a unique experience.

Mind you the ticket includes a lunch meal and I was going to the small restaurant where they serve it next.

I decided to make the second half of my time at Eden Nature Park as a second post.

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