Eagle Philippine center Davao

Philippines: Philippine Eagle Center, Davao

Date: May 5, 2014

After an eventful day at Eden Nature Park yesterday, I realized I had to make yet another long journey today to get to the Philippine Eagle Center. Using public transportation, you first need to get to Calinan and then to Malagos.

After breakfast, I walked from Green Windows Dormitel to Calinan Transit Terminal near Bankerohan Public Market.

Durian jeepney Davao Philippines
They had to offload quite a few durians at the market before the jeepney could set off for Calinan πŸ™‚
Davao highway Philippines
The jeepney ride to Calinan costs β‚±45 and it took an hour or so

Once I reached Calinan, bike taxis approached me asking if I wanted to go to the Philippine Eagle Center. It cost β‚±20, so I hopped on one and I was on my way.

Davao town Philippines
It wasn’t a short ride to Malagos but it only costs β‚±20

I was dropped at the entrance to a park, for which the entry fee was β‚±5. The Philippine Eagle Center is housed inside this park.

Water reservoir Davao Philippines
Some water reservoir
Philippine Eagle Center Malagos
This was the entrance to the Philippine Eagle Center

The entry ticket for the Philippine Eagle Center costs β‚±50 (β‚Ή69/$1/€0.8).

Philippines Eagle Center walk
The park didn’t seem very big
Visitor steps Philippines Eagle Center
As a fund-rasing scheme, visitors can pay to have their names on concrete slabs and leave a memorabilia behind. As long as you don’t mind being stepped on.

Barn owl Davao Philippines
Although the place is called Philippine Eagle Center, they have other birds and a few animals too. These are grass owls.
Philippine eagle Davao
The Philippine eagle, one of many on display here
Philippine eagle facts Davao
Some facts about the national bird of Philippines
Brahmin kites Philippine Eagle Center
Brahminy kites
White bellied sea eagle Davao
White bellied sea eagle
Hawk eagle Philippines Eagle Center
Hawk eagle
Animals endemic to Philippines
Some species endemic (indigenous) to Philippines
Philippines brown deer Davao
Philippine brown deer
Philippine eagle tree Davao
This Philippine eagle got a rather big cage all to himself
Philippine eagle closeup Davao
I tried hard to capture its massive wingspan, but this Philippine eagle wasn’t flying around much
Philippine eagle center cages
It wasn’t very long before I found myself turning around and heading back the other way
Eagle Philippine center Davao
More Philippine Eagles

Philippine eagle center Davao

Caged Philippines eagle Davao park
Come on, spread your wings
Eagle cages Davao Philippines
More eagles
Bamboo trees garden Philippine eagle center
The Philippine Eagle Center feels more like a lush garden with a few bird cages
Monkey section Philippine eagle center
This was a small Philippine monkey section
Baby monkey Davao Philippines
Spotting them proved to be a bit of a challenge as they were quite small
Monkeys Philippine eagle center
But there are a few here
Garden plants Philippine eagle center
I moved on
Philippine eagle center pond Davao
And that was it really

Lake fish Philippine eagle center

Crocodile cage little Filipino girl
On my way out, I stopped by the crocodile cage. (Psst, cute girl, look at the big croc… I’m not scary)
Big croc Davao Philippines
The crocodile was freaking huge… and stayed completely still
Crocodile Philippine eagle center Davao
One last pic
Malagos road Davao Philippines
It took me a while to get a bike taxi going back, but I managed to get one
AC van taxi Davao Philippines
I was dropped at a taxi station from where I boarded an air-conditioned van taxi going to Davao City

Although it was already past 1pm, and I hadn’t had lunch yet, I just wanted to get back to Davao City as I didn’t want to risk coming back late like I did yesterday. I slept through much of the journey anyway.

Kebab roll Davao Philippines
I got down and found myself walking down J. Rizal Street. That’s where I spotted Majid’s Persian Kabab. Needless to say, I sat down and had some kebabs and rice for my late lunch.

Honestly, today was a bore. I spent more time just getting to Philippine Eagle Center than I did once inside! Complete waste of time if you ask me. But alas, not much else to see or do in Davao. At least tomorrow — my last full day in Davao — I would be trying something I have never tried before: scuba diving!

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  • James


    Nice pics you got there. Maybe the reason why you got bored is because you expected too much. Maybe you’ve thought of getting more of an entertainment/leisure than get educated about the predicament of our Philippine Eagles. the Park (Phil. Eagle Foundation) doesn’t work like how other parks do– it is a foundation after all. It is in place to merely conserve the birds and not to provide entertainment to its visitors.

    One bit of advice, I think you’ll enjoy more the places that you visit if you do an in depth research about the place first. What I mean by that, is do understand the nature of the place first, understand in its deepest existence, and after you gain a deep understanding of it, only then draw conclusions about it.

    The same principle applies when comparing cities & places you’ve been to. Forget about your standards and try to understand the culture and set your self as if you’re one of the locals, and only then draw your conclusions.

    Good luck to you future endeavors! πŸ™‚

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