Cambodia: Phnom Penh Central Market and Wat Phnom

Date: 11 May, 2018

After spending our morning at Choeung Ek genocidal center and then the afternoon at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, we took a tuk-tuk to get to Phnom Penh’s Central Market.

Suzuki showroom Phnom Penh
It was around 5pm in Phnom Penh
Auto taxi Phnom Penh Cambodia
Indian-made auto rickshaws are now quite common in Cambodia
Alley Phnom Penh city street
We got a chance to ride through alleyways of Phnom Penh
Vattanac tower Central Market Phnom Penh
We were dropped just outside Central Market. The tall tower in the background is Vattanac Capital — currently the tallest building in Cambodia. Vattanac is a Cambodian bank.
Fruits central market Phnom Penh
The central market was choc full of shops selling fresh foods
Seafood Central market Phnom Penh
What was shocking was the price of seafood and even things like grilled chicken

Either meat is expensive in Phnom Penh or the sellers were quoting ‘tourist prices’ whenever we asked “how much”. Maybe the items are cheaper for locals.

Dried foods Central market Phnom Penh
A store selling all sorts of dried foods (mostly dried seafood)
Fresh food Central market Phnom Penh
There were street stalls selling sandwiches and other treats
Clothes bags Phnom Penh market
Besides food, Central Market is home to shops selling a whole bunch of other stuff
Central market entrance Phnom Penh
The key draw at Central Market is this dome building, built in 1937
Central Market dome Phnom Penh
Unfortunately by the time we arrived here, it was closed to the public. And all the shops inside were shutting down for the day. So best come before 5pm.

We eventually left Central Market and I wondered if there was anything else worth checking out in the area. I opened up Google Maps and looked up nearby attractions. Wat Phnom (a very old Buddhist temple) looked like a big deal so we decided to walk towards it.

Evening sunset Phnom Penh
I like this shot
Public park Phnom Penh
We walked through what appeared to be a very nice part of Phnom Penh
Yeay Penh statue Phnom Penh
There were high rises and buildings housing major embassies all around this part of Phnom Penh
Sunway hotel Phnom Penh
Sunway Hotel was right across from Wat Phnom
Wat Phnom evening
We had reached what at first appeared to be a large roundabout
Wat Phnom Cambodia
But on this circular land sits Wat Phnom. Built in 1372 on top of a hill, Wat Phnom is considered to be central point of Phnom Penh.
Inside Wat Phnom Cambodia
We climbed up to the temple and sat down inside for a while
Wat Phnom Penh Buddhist temple
Considering this was built more than 600 years ago, it’s really well maintained. The wall paintings were fascinating to look at.
Wat Phnom clock Cambodia
After leaving the prayer hall, we checked out this large clock. It’s a gift from China, which replaced an older one from France.
Hard Rock Cafe Phnom Penh
After our sightseeing, we dropped by Exchange Square mall for a little bit (and soaked up some air conditioning)

By now the girlfriend was getting fussy because she was hungry and was least bothered where we ate as long as we ate something quick.

Cambodia beer fish & chips
So we ended up eating at a restaurant called Pepper Tree on Sisowath Quay. Yup, fish & chips in Phnom Penh. I wanted to try out khmer barbecue -_-

Seeing that there was little else to see or do after dark, we took a Grab taxi and headed back to our hotel. We had to wake up early tomorrow morning for a river cruise.

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