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My name is Mithun Divakaran. I was born on January 8th, 1982. I like SNSD. I like food.


If you are reading this, welcome to my website/blog!  I don’t know how you got here but thanks for dropping by anyway. I’ve always wanted my own website, and so, on Christmas day 2009, it finally went live. Since this is an ‘About Me’ page, I’ll just get the facts out of the way:

Where I’m from: Chala village in Kannur district in Kerala state in India country

Where I grew up: Goa (1 & 1/2 years, of which I have no memory of), Kerala (1 & 1/2 years of which I remember something) and Bahrain (of which I remember a lot since I spent my entire 80’s cartoon years to my 90’s teenage years there)

Where I am now: Bangalore, India (Update: I spend half the year in my hometown of Kannur as I work from home now)

Where I learned how to communicate with other humans: Indian School, Bahrain

Where I work: AOL, been here 7 years where I worked for 8 and 1/2 years until May 31st 2011. It was my first and only job. And then I chose not to work for the next six months *cough*severancepackagewasgood*cough*. Now looking out for a suitable job which incorporates my interests, anywhere in the world… within a 6 hour flight limit (preferably in South East Asia, as I wish to base myself there until I’m done travelling the region). View my (self-proclaimed) impressive resume here. Update: Began freelancing in 2012 and doing pretty well for myself.

How much I used to make in a month: Rs. _5,_0_.8_ (after taxes)

What I do for money now: You really want to know? I currently used to freelance for Townquare Media as a writer. Right now I’m focused on my freelance projects, studying Japanese, Thai, Korean and Mandarin, and acquiring other new skills.

What I would really like to do for money: Travel the world, capture what I see on film and then talk about it in my own voice. Or just eat chocolates.

What I like: Music across all genres, good food, travelling, Japanese & Korean pop-culture, pretty-looking things, video games, the entertainment industry, behind-the-scenes info, technology, gadgets, photography, stats & graphs, and good food (yes, twice).

What I don’t like: The “chalta hai“/”anything goes” attitude in most Indians, ‘good for health’ food that taste bad, artificial people, racists, seeing children on the streets.

TV shows I religiously watch (… on the computer): Top Gear UK, LOST (when it was on air), Glee (until season 3), Modern Family, South Park, Family Guy

Simple things I enjoy: Eating something sweet while watching something entertaining (usually after dinner), walking barefoot on wet sand, talking to myself

Anything more to say right now: No Oh yeah, every photo you see in all my travel posts beginning with the Thailand 2009 series were shot primarily using my Canon 7D. It has been my default camera for all my travels since. Also, I have a lot more India posts to put up From 2005 to 2009, I mostly travelled within India with my point-and-shoot Canon A95. Since 2010, I focused much of my travels outside India, while still seeing places within India I haven’t been to yet.

Hope you like what you see on my website and feel free to leave a comment if you want to give me feedback. I always welcome feedback and I always read everything (before deleting it).


– Mithun.D


Twitter: twitter.com/darkchild82

P.S: If you like what you see and want to tell me you secretly love me, mail me at darkchild82@gmail.com