Aug 13

Thailand 2012: Phuket beach hopping and bike ride to Promthep Cape

Date: 21st November 2012

The plan for today was to rent two bikes and ride all the way to Promthep Cape, a popular viewpoint at the southern tip of Phuket island. But after breakfast, we first walked towards Patong beach.

Patong beach Phuket Thailand

It wasn’t too crowded and we got our feet wet for a while

Patong beach chairs Phuket Thailand

The skies weren’t the brightest today, and we decided we would hit the waters when it got warmer

We then went around looking for bike rentals. I had already read up on scams in Phuket and one of the most common advice handed out were to avoid the vehicle rentals on Beach Road.

Honda click bike rental Phuket Thailand

I don’t remember if it was originally ฿300 baht for 24 hours, but we ended up renting two of these Honda Click bikes at ฿150 each. We told them we would return them by 7pm-ish.

Be careful when you rent any vehicle in Thailand, especially Phuket. Vehicle rental scams are common here and don’t go by the cheapest rate being offered. The scammers make money by claiming you scratched the vehicle upon return, when in reality, the scratch was always there — you just didn’t notice it when you took it. The going rate for a Honda Click and like are around 200-300 baht a day. The place we rented from was right next to our hotel and she insisted I hand over my passport (original) as security. I usually never agree to that, but she gave me a form to fill up stating she would return it upon giving the bike back, and provided there are no damages/scratches on the bike. It’s an agreement I had to sign and she put my passport in a password-protected locker.

You may find other places that just request a passport copy, but we bargained it down to ฿150 because we didn’t need the bike for 24 hours. So handing over my passport was something I had to agree to as part of the bargain. I also took photos of the bike from all angles in front of her. Something I always do before even starting the engine.

Walking Street during daytime Phuket Thailand

I carried a map of Phuket and Ramesh had Google Maps on his Nexus. We drove down Walking Street, which is open to traffic during the day.

Tiger bar Walking Street Phuket Thailand

Walking Street was awfully quiet as all the bars open late

Shooting gallery Phuket Thailand

We were going across the hill over to Karon beach

Road to Karon beach Phuket Thailand

I hoped the skies would clear up

Uphill road Phuket Thailand

And sure enough, it did

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Aug 13

Thailand 2012: James Bond island, Koh Panyee village and Wat Suwan Kuha

Date: 20th November 2012

We were picked up from our hotel by our tour van in the morning. Then the van went around picking up other guests and made our way uphill.

Phuket sea morning Thailand

We drove past many of Phuket’s smaller beaches

Way to Phuket beaches Thailand

These are Phuket’s other popular beaches

Hill curve road Phuket

Driving to Phang Nga

We got stuck in traffic on the road leading to the airport; but the journey still took near two hours!

Phang Nga bay tour Phuket

Once we finally got to the docks in Phang Nga, we were given life jackets

Phang Nga bay boat tour

Our tour group was in a fairly big boat

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Jul 13

Thailand 2012: Terminal 21 mall; Bangkok to Phuket by bus

Date: 18th November 2012

The next morning, we checked out from our room but kept our luggage at the hostel itself.

Green milk tea Bangkok

We had breakfast from the cafe at the hostel itself. This was the green milk tea (฿65) I had along with my toast and eggs (฿70)

Since it was already noon, we took the BTS to Asoke and checked out the recently opened Terminal 21 mall.

Terminal 21 mall Bangkok

(Took this photo on my phone)

Terminal 21 entrance lobby

Yup, it’s another mall in Sukhumvit

Terminal 21 floors Bangkok mall

Like all new malls, it’s pretty big

Terminal 21 escalators from below

This is a nine-storey mall

Terminal 21 Japan floor Bangkok mall

It’s a themed mall, where in each floor is stylized based on a world-famous city. The first floor is ‘Tokyo’.

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