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Thailand: Phuket beach hopping and bike ride to Promthep Cape

Date: 21st November 2012

The plan for today was to rent two bikes and ride all the way to Promthep Cape, a popular viewpoint at the southern tip of Phuket island. But after breakfast, we first walked towards Patong beach.

Patong beach Phuket Thailand
It wasn’t too crowded and we got our feet wet for a while
Patong beach chairs Phuket Thailand
The skies weren’t the brightest today, and we decided we would hit the waters when it got warmer

We then went around looking for bike rentals. I had already read up on scams in Phuket and one of the most common advice handed out were to avoid the vehicle rentals on Beach Road.

Honda click bike rental Phuket Thailand
I don’t remember if it was originally ฿300 baht for 24 hours, but we ended up renting two of these Honda Click bikes at ฿150 each. We told them we would return them by 7pm-ish.

Be careful when you rent any vehicle in Thailand, especially Phuket. Vehicle rental scams are common here and don’t go by the cheapest rate being offered. The scammers make money by claiming you scratched the vehicle upon return, when in reality, the scratch was always there — you just didn’t notice it when you took it. The going rate for a Honda Click and like are around 200-300 baht a day. The place we rented from was right next to our hotel and she insisted I hand over my passport (original) as security. I usually never agree to that, but she gave me a form to fill up stating she would return it upon giving the bike back, and provided there are no damages/scratches on the bike. It’s an agreement I had to sign and she put my passport in a password-protected locker.

You may find other places that just request a passport copy, but we bargained it down to ฿150 because we didn’t need the bike for 24 hours. So handing over my passport was something I had to agree to as part of the bargain. I also took photos of the bike from all angles in front of her. Something I always do before even starting the engine.

Walking Street during daytime Phuket Thailand
I carried a map of Phuket and Ramesh had Google Maps on his Nexus. We drove down Walking Street, which is open to traffic during the day.
Tiger bar Walking Street Phuket Thailand
Walking Street was awfully quiet as all the bars open late
Shooting gallery Phuket Thailand
We were going across the hill over to Karon beach
Road to Karon beach Phuket Thailand
I hoped the skies would clear up
Uphill road Phuket Thailand
And sure enough, it did

Karon fountain roundabout Phuket Thailand
A short while later, we reached Karon
Ramada hotel Karon beach Phuket Thailand
You have enough hotels (Ramada Southsea) on this beach as well, if quieter areas are what you seek instead of busy Patong
Karon beach restaurant Phuket Thailand
We decided to have our lunch from here
Prawns rice Karon Phuket Thailand
I ordered some prawns and rice; Ramesh ordered regular fried rice because there was barely anything vegetarian in the menu. I enjoyed my meal, Ramesh didn’t. He specifically asked not to put egg in it, but they put it in anyway.
Way to Karon beach Phuket Thailand
After lunch, we quickly checked out Karon beach
Karon beach Phuket island Thailand
Kata beach Phuket Thailand
A short ride from Karon beach is Kata
Kata beach benches Phuket Thailand
This seemed like a better swimming beach
Kata beach Phuket panorama
A panorama I took. The water was warm and I felt like swimming for a bit.
Kata beach resort spa Phuket Thailand
More hotels here as well (Kata Beach Resort & Spa)
Kata beach road Phuket Thailand
I quite liked the Kata area
Ramesh clicking Phuket Thailand
That’s Ramesh
Mithun Divakaran Phuket
And this is me 🙂
Kata beach road end Phuket Thailand
But we reached a dead end. We drove back and asked a passerby, who told we had to take an uphill road that was on our left while coming.
Phuket sea view Thailand
It’s a pretty steep uphill climb, but the views were only starting to get better
Mithun filling petrol Phuket bike ride
But I had to fill up on fuel first. Oddly enough, we barely found any petrol stations along the way. Instead, you find several businesses selling gasoline in 1 litre bottles.
Phuket island highway panorama
A panorama from Ramesh’s phone
Phuket highway road Thailand
We were really enjoying this ride
Kata viewpoint parking Phuket elephant
We stopped at this viewpoint to take some photos (and yes, that is an elephant in back)
Phuket viewpoint Thailand
You get nice view of both Karon and Kata beaches from up here
Kata viewpoint Phuket beaches panorama
A panorama I took
Kata Karon beaches viewpoint Phuket Thailand
And it’s a double-crescent shaped, like Om beach in Gokarna

Jet skis Phuket beach resort

Viewpoint Kata hill Phuket
Time to hit the road again
Hair pin curve elephant road sign Phuket
Turns out elephants are common on this road
Elephant village Phuket Thailand
This explains why; it’s some elephant village en route to Rawai
Rawai lake Phuket Thailand
We had reached Rawai
Rawai beach trees Phuket Thailand
Which also has a beach

Rawai beach Phuket Thailand

Rawai beach low tide Phuket Thailand
This seemed like the closest beach to Promthep Cape
Wat Rawai temple Phuket
We decided to get back to the beach after seeing Promthep Cape
Rawai Phuket Thailand
We couldn’t figure out the way to Promthep Cape, and Ramesh also couldn’t a strong enough signal on his phone for maps to work
Promthep Cape entrance Thailand
But we eventually found our way after asking around
Promthep Cape lighthouse park Thailand
There is no entry fee

Elephant statues Promthep Cape Phuket

Phuket lighthouse museum Thailand
There is a lighthouse tower here
Abhakara Kiartiwonges statue Phuket Thailand
This was a statue honouring a great Thai admiral
Promthep Cape tourists Phuket
Bus loads of tourists are dropped off here
Promthep Cape sunset Phuket
It was nearing sunset

Promthep Cape island PhuketPromthep Cape park Phuket

Promthep Cape Phuket Thailand
That stretch of land is Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape attraction PhuketPromthep Cape trees PhuketSailboat Phuket sunset Thailand

Phuket lighthouse Promthep Cape Thailand
We went inside the lighthouse
Old lighthouse light Phuket Thailand
An old light beacon used in the lighthouse
Lighthouse beacon tourists Phuket
Some trivia
Lighthouse museum artifacts display Phuket Thailand
They have a small museum display of artifacts used in the early days of lighthouses
Lighthouse stairs Phuket Thailand
We can go up a level for a higher viewpoint
Phuket outlying islands panorama
This is a panorama of the other side
Buddha island Phuket
One of the outlying islands
Buddha island zoomed in Phuket
Zoomed in to find out what that golden structure was
Tourists at Promthep Cape Phuket Thailand
That’s Promthep Cape, a stretch of land extending out in to the sea
Visitors climbing Promthep Cape
Visitors can walk all the way there if they want
Promthep Cape Phuket island
I wanted to go there too. Unfortunately, Ramesh reminded me it’s getting late.
Stray dog Phuket Thailand
So we left
Electric station Phuket Thailand
We left Promthep Cape and found ourselves at Promthep Alternate Energy Station. Why?
Phuket beach sunset panorama
Because of the views
Phuket beach sunset watching Thailand
You want a hill spot to watch the sun go down? Come here.
Phuket wedding shoot sunset island
A perfect setting for a wedding shoot even

Phuket hill sunset Thailand

Sleeping dog Phuket Thailand
Yeah, I like taking photos of cute animals. There’s something about their innocence that I find appealing.
Mithun Divakaran Phuket island Thailand
We took a few photos of ourselves with this background
Island Phuket sun setting Thailand
It was time to leave this spot as well
Rawai beach evening Phuket
We quickly drove to Rawai beach, got in to our swimming shorts and jumped in the water for a swim
Evening sunset water reflection Phuket Thailand
When the evening sky looked like this, I had to get my camera and take a few shots
Purple skies water Phuket evening Thailand
Love the colours!
Rawai beach swimming Phuket clear water
The water on this side didn’t have any strong currents as the main beach did and it was warm
Rawai beach sunset Phuket Thailand
Rawai seemed like a nice, not-so-crowded place to be
Rawai beach sunset Phuket Khom Loy
This was a perfect way to end our journey across the southern beaches of Phuket island (or at least the popular ones)

Ramesh and I drove back once the sun had fully set. It got chilly for us because we were still wet. We drove carefully in the dark and finally reached our hotel. We returned the bikes within the stipulated time; she inspected the vehicles and then promptly gave back my passport as promised.

Iranian Indian restaurants Phuket Thailand
We ended our night with dinner at a Egyptian restaurant (not pictured). The good thing about being in an extremely commercial place like Phuket is that variety is great when it comes to food.

Tonight was our final night in Phuket. Tomorrow, we fly to Chiang Mai.

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    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    You just need to present a copy of your passport (some may ask for the original) and need to show them your driver’s license. You will be asked to fill up a form which will ask you the other details, like where you are staying and such. But no matter what you rent, take photos of it from every angle — and do it in front of them — so that they cannot claim you scratched it upon return when that scratch was always there. That said, drive safely and follow the rules. There are enough people that don’t. Police checks can vary, I can’t say. And rent from places that have an office, and not from some random guy on the street.

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