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Are we Indians the only ones who ‘smell’?

When it comes to bad body odor, us Indians are often the subject of much stereotyping around the world. That stereotype has its reasons. In places like Singapore, the snarly stereotype made by the majority Chinese are that Indians “stink”. Of course, having been to Singapore and taken the trains, I can see why the non-Indians say that. Many labourers that work in Singapore’s construction industry are South Asian, and their cheapest mode of public transportation is either the bus or train (MRT) — both packed with people during rush hours. This means sweaty people all around. But given the nature of their work (and how little they earn to spend), it’s no wonder why many commuters don’t like standing next to the construction workers. Continue reading “Are we Indians the only ones who ‘smell’?” »

Pretty Thai traditional girl grand parade Chiang Mai

Why Bangkok beats Kuala Lumpur

I have visited both Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok and it’s fair to say both cities offer tourists enough sights to see and experiences to…erm, experience. But if you were to ask me which destination I prefer and why? My answer would be Bangkok over KL. And here’s why:

Both Bangkok and KL have their share of big malls, but that’s not why I like to shop in Bangkok. In fact, branded goods (clothes, luxury goods and cars especially) are more expensive in Thailand as taxes on them are very high. But what I love about shopping in Bangkok are the street markets!

Platinum mall women fashion clothes Bangkok Thailand
Platinum Fashion Mall — seven floors of air-conditioned shopping. Amazing variety of clothes in both single pieces as well as for wholesale purchasing. So come prepared with a big shopping bag — like some of them do 🙂

Bangkok is in my opinion the best street shopping destination in the world! JJ weekend market, Platinum Fashion mall, MBK… these are some of my favourite places to find, great, hip clothing at very affordable prices. In fact, the more you buy, the cheaper you get the clothes. Many shops at these markets not only sell individual pieces but also offer wholesale purchases. Women obviously have way, way more choice than men, but isn’t that the case everywhere? Aside from clothing, electronics are often cheaper in Bangkok compared to India — especially if you buy from authorized dealers who issue the VAT refund form for tourists. Continue reading “Why Bangkok beats Kuala Lumpur” »

Ambi Pur Air Effects ‘Blossom & Breeze’ review

Ambi Pur room spray
Blossom & Breeze is what I was sent

I signed up for a free sample of Ambi Pur room refreshener spray courtesy of Indiblogger’s Ambi Pur contest. It took a few days weeks to arrive, but when it did, I thought I’d ‘review’ it.

I was hoping for a fragrance completely new to me, and I was sent the ‘Blossom & Breeze’ variant. Ambi Pur claims their Air Effects range of room sprays “eliminates odours and freshens the air” — which is what you would expect it to do.

Although it was sent to my Bangalore home, I tested the spray at my home in Kerala. Primarily because, being fish eaters, the daily stench of fish cut by my mom emanates from the kitchen and often reaches the living room. So it’s far more in need here than in Bangalore where our bachelor pad is in greater need of body spray than room spray 🙂

A few sprays of Ambi Pur Air Effects in the kitchen and living room, and immediately you could sense the wonderful fragrant air sweeping away the pungent smell of fish. With a fragrance named ‘Blossom & Breeze,’ the smell was very floral — and oozes freshness in every whiff. I looked on the can if they mentioned the ingredients, but other than safety instructions and the fact Proctor & Gamble imports these from Thailand, there was no mention of ingredients. I even searched online but found little information on the elements that went into concocting this fragrance. Hmm, company secret perhaps?

But you know what I liked most about Ambi Pur Air Effects spray? The spray can itself. One, it’s very well designed. Secondly, I loved the trigger, which has a unique nitrogen-based propellant system, and it works in such a way that you easily gets a single press. What I’m getting at is that there are many consumer durables (powdered drinks to detergents and even other sprays) where the manufacturer “recommends” being very liberal in its usage. Not because you need to in order to serve the product’s purpose, but doing so will ensure you finish the product quicker — so that you will have to go out and buy another! 🙂

With Ambi Pur Air Effects’ trigger, I doubt that will be the case. At Rs.220 for a 275g spray can, I’d say it’s worth the price. You may think it will run out quick, but given how many times I’ve used it so far since I received my can last week, I can feel the weight of the can and tell you this spray is going to last me a few months.

P.S. This was my other entry for another Ambi Pur contest.

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