Hong Kong 2012: Tsim Sha Tsui, Chungking Mansion, Avenue Of Stars, and Kowloon Park

Date: 30th June 2012

Saturday morning, I decided to take the ferry over to Kowloon.

Pedestrian bridge to ferries Hong Kong

I took the MTR, got off at Central and walked the pedestrian bridge that takes you directly to the ferry terminal

General post office Hong Kong

Hong Kong General Post Office

Hong Kong island construction

The weather looked like it could rain – or the skies could clear up. In other words, a typical day in Hong Kong I guess.

Hong Kong roads expansionWay to ferry piers Hong Kong

Central pier Hong Kong

Central Pier

Hong Kong star ferry pier pillars

Star ferry pier waiting Hong Kong

Bought my HK$2 ticket

Star ferry kid on board Hong Kong

Star Ferry is one of the oldest ferry companies in Hong Kong, originally founded by an Indian back in 1880

ICC tower Tsim Sha Tsui ferry

The journey across Victoria Harbour takes less than 5 minutes

Deck Star Ferry Hong Kong

IFC tower Hong Kong island towers panorama

The skyline of Hong Kong island, from Kowloon Bay

Harbour city Kowloon Hong Kong

As soon as you get off the boat, lo and behold, a mall!

Pedestrian crossing Hong Kong

I walked towards the Avenue of Stars

Clock tower panorama Hong Kong

A historic Clock Tower back when there used to be a railway station terminal here

Clock tower Kowloon Hong Kong

It’s right next to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Hong Kong harbour walk

Walk this way to get to the Avenue of the Stars

Hong Kong Cultural centre open stage

Hong Kong Cultural centre building harbour

But I decided to check out the Cultural Centre first

Hong Kong Cultural Centre pillars

Inside Hong Kong Cultural centre panorama

It’s an indoor concert hall and theatre venue

Inside Hong Kong cultural centre

Hong Kong boats on Victoria Harbour

Aaand that was it. I was back out quick.

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong panorama

The world famous Peninsula Hotel, one of Hong Kong’s oldest

Escalator to Nathan road Kowloon Hong Kong

Although I was supposed to check out the Avenue of Stars, I ended up crossing over to Tsim Sha Tsui

The Peninsula hotel maid cleaning Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hotel arcade Hong Kong

Needless to say, this is a pricey hotel

Kowloon Hong Kong sunny day

It was a rare sunny sky that I got when I clicked this

Chungking Mansion building Hong Kong

I was walking along Nathan Road when I saw the infamous Chungking Mansion across the road

At the time of booking rooms, I saw that many of Hong Kong’s hostels are located in this one building. But the user feedback on hostels.com about Chungking Mansion made it sound as though it was a rather shady place to be. The other problem was that it is a very cramped fourteen-storey tower with not enough elevators. Meaning you would have to wait rather long to get to your hostel or guesthouse.

Chungking mansion elevator wait Hong Kong

I didn’t book here because I didn’t want to waste time everyday waiting for an elevator

Punjabi restaurant shops Chungking mansion Hong Kong

Otherwise… this place wasn’t bad

African shops Chungking mansion Hong Kong

Although Indian businesses out number the others, many African have set up shop here too

Guesthouses Chungking mansion Hong Kong

There are plenty of hostels here, but be warned — some of them are not licensed

Indian dvds perfume store Hong Kong

DVDs and perfumes? Sure, why not.

Punjabi grocery store Chung King Hong Kong

A convenient place for Indian backpackers I guess

There are numerous restaurants in Chungking serving South Asian cuisine, with many Indian staff welcoming you to try their menu. After looking around quite a bit, I sat down at one on the ground floor itself.

Indian restaurant Chungking Hong Kong

Small place, decent food, reasonable prices

Although my meal cost close to HK$80 (Rs. 570/$10/€8), I was really full and quite satisfied. I guess nothing like a heavy Indian meal to stuff your tummy. The feeling of content couldn’t have been more complete thanks to the music. The restaurant was playing Bollywood songs from the mid-to-late 90s, songs like “Pardesi, Pardesi” from ‘Raja Hindustani’ and “Meri Mehmooba” from ‘Pardes’ (meaning “foreign land”). Songs from a period which were to be my last few years in Bahrain. I don’t know if the restaurant owners were just going with the whole ‘non-resident Indian’ theme but I kid you not, this was the soundtrack as I munched on my tandoori chicken. I’m no huge fan of Bollywood, but I enjoyed this lunch experience a lot 🙂

Chungking mansion alleyway magazines

I exited Chungking Mansion through an alleyway

Map of Kowloon bay underground

I walked back to Kowloon Bay to check out Avenue of Stars

Avenue of the Stars entrance Hong Kong

There is no entry ticket for ‘Avenue Of Stars’

Avenue of the Stars Kowloon Hong Kong

‘Avenue Of Stars’ is like Hollywood’s ‘Walk of Fame’ — only for Hong Kong cinema’s legends

Avenue of the Stars history trivia

Along with trivia about the industry’s humble beginnings

Avenue of the Stars walk Hong Kong

And Hong Kong cinema’s greatest export has been the martial arts films

Sammo Hung Avenue of the Stars Hong Kong

So although I couldn’t recognize some of the stars’ names, I did recognize names like Sammo Hung

Avenue of the Stars history Hong Kong

Bronze statues Avenue of the Stars Hong Kong

Any such statues were crowded with tourists posing alongside it. This was snapped the one second they were spared.

Avenue of the Stars Hong Kong film industry trivia

Ahhh, the famous Golden Harvest film studio :)

Michelle Yeoh Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Michelle Yeoh

Jackie Chan Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

This man was quite popular among the visitors :)

Chow Yun Fat Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Chow Yun Fat

Avenue of Stars Jet Li Hong Kong

One of the most famous martial arts superstars

Bruce Lee Avenue of Stars statue

Of course, one Hong Kong cinema legend gets more than just a star

Bruce Lee statue Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Because he deserves more for being the first great Asian superstar

Bruce Lee pose statue Hong Kong

The one and only Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee pose Avenue of Stars

Needless to say, everybody loves this hero!

Stephen Chow Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

The more recent superstars of Hong Kong cinema

Hong Kong Victoria Bay rain clouds Panorama

The dark clouds were creeping their way left to right, meaning it would rain any moment

Tourists posing in rain Avenue of Stars

And sure enough, it began to pour

Avenue of Stars heavy rain Hong Kong

Everybody sought cover under a pedestrian walkway

Raining Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

I waited for the rainclouds to pass

Tourist posing in rain Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Of course, some tourists just couldn’t pass up the chance to take advantage of the statues now being free of other tourists just so they could pose next to them for photos!

Aaron Kwok Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Took one last ‘star’ before leaving

I wondered why ‘Ip Man’ Donnie Yen hasn’t gotten a star yet, or maybe I failed to spot it.

Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Although not a great attraction if you don’t know your Hong Kong cinema, Avenue of Stars is still worth a visit. It will at least encourage you to learn more about one of the most famous film industries in the world.

Kowloon waterfront Hong Kong

It was time to move on

Old men fishing Kowloon bay Hong Kong

I take it these old-timers have been fishing here long before the skyscrapers appeared

Cubical buildings Hong Kong

Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui high-rises Hong Kong

This was a wide pedestrian bridge

Underpass highway Kowloon Hong Kong

And I ended up shooting a timelapse sequence here

Glass building reflection Kowloon Hong Kong

Lots of glass

Stairs pedestrian walkway Kowloon Hong Kong

Got down at Chatham Road

Pedestrian footpath Kowloon Hong Kong

Street walkway Kowloon Hong Kong

Walked up the road

Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district Hong Kong

… and then crossed

Tsim Sha Tsui SBI branch Hong Kong

Look, SBI (State Bank of India) in Hong Kong! :)

Dry cleaning laundry Kowloon Hong Kong

Tsim Sha Tsui shops Kowloon Hong Kong

Tsim Sha Tsui isn’t just malls

Apple shop Kowloon Hong Kong

:). After all, Hong Kong is home to the Crocodile clothes brand, which got in to trouble with Lacoste for its logo.

Tsim Sha Tsui crossroads Kowloon Hong KongTsim Sha Tsui high-rise apartment building

Kowloon park entrance Hong Kong

I ended up walking all the way to Kowloon Park

Kowloon park Hong Kong

After hours of hustle and bustle, it got peaceful and quite all of a sudden

I freshened up at the public restrooms and then sat down to drink a lot of water. It was really calm inside here, and I wanted to give my feet some rest!

Condominiums Kowloon park Hong Kong

I imagine those apartments over-looking this park are very, very expensive

Kowloon park swimming pool Hong Kong

There’s a huge pool here too

Kowloon park umbrella old man Hong Kong

Kowloon park is a really nice place to relax

Kowloon park walking Hong Kong

A place to come for your walks too

Bird cage Kowloon park Hong Kong

There’s even a bird cage park

Kowloon park parrots Hong Kong

They have a variety of exotic birds

Birds cage Kowloon park Hong Kong

Although I had mixed feelings about seeing them here

Kowloon park walk Hong Kong

The site of Kowloon Park was once the camp barracks of the British Army during colonial times

Cannon Kowloon park Hong Kong

Thus the cannons

Kowloon park childrens playground Hong Kong

Still, Kowloon Park has a lot of nice facilities

Kowloon park sports centre Hong Kong

There’s even this multi-purpose sports centre

Kowloon park sports center Hong Kong

Tai-chi Kowloon park Hong Kong

Plenty of Tai-Chi going on here

Kowloon park Jordan Hong Kong

I made an exit

Austin Jordan station signs Hong Kong

I was now in Jordan

Turtle Kowloon restaurant Hong Kong

Saw this at a restaurant. Couldn’t make out what animal it was, but yeah, they serve it.

Roast duck restaurant Kowloon Hong Kong

This is ‘China’ after all :-/

Kowloon afternoon Hong Kong

I kept walking around

Sugarcane juice fruit stall Kowloon Hong Kong

I took a break to have some chilled sugarcane juice, which is always nice.

Chinese dried fruits store Kowloon Hong Kong

Plenty of more local fare on the Kowloon side

Nathan hotel road Kowloon Hong Kong

I was still walking along Nathan road

Temple street Jade market sign Kowloon

Plenty of markets this side of Hong Kong

Temple street arch Hong Kong

Temple Street

Temple street shopping stall Hong Kong

It was the usual fare of plush toys, bags, clothes, souvenirs, phone covers and accessories

Jordan crab seafood restaurants Hong Kong

And there are many restaurants to feed the scores of people who shop around these parts. This seemed like a popular seafood joint.

Pakistani restaurant rivalry Kowloon Hong Kong

This was a funny sight. The lady working at the restaurant to the left was calling out to the people waiting in line for the restaurant to the right, asking the patrons to sit in their restaurant instead. Ah Long vs. Ah Lung – sibling rivalry turned sour? :)

Jordan curry house Indian restaurant Kowloon Hong Kong

You have a few curry joints out here

Woosung temporary hawker centre Hong Kong

Public square rest garden Kowloon Hong Kong

Another public square

Jordan basketball court Hong Kong

I was still in the Jordan neighbourhood

Kowloon video arcade Hong Kong

I checked out a video arcade, since I missed them :)

Girls playing video games arcade Hong Kong

It was nice to see girls actively gaming as well

Mongkok shopping centre Hong Kong

I then took the train to Mong Kok which was only two stops away

Hong Kong toy stores Japanese imports

Ended up at CTMA Centre, which turned out to be a cool place if you’re young and geeky

Toys model figurines Japan imports Hong Kong display

Loads of toys and figurines – most of which are Japanese imports

The Avengers figurines display Hong Kong store

These figurines were highly detailed and super awesome

Iron Man figurine on display Hong Kong

Also, super expensive

Hipster fashion store Hong Kong

They couldn’t be more direct

Numbers poster wall Hong Kong

Back out, I was ready to head back to my room

Needless to say, I was a bit tired, and needed to give my feet some rest!

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  1. Hi….we are leaving for Hong Kong in 4-days and your comments were very helpful. Particularly the photos were amazing and really helped me to get a grasp of the differences between Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui. Thank you! Question…are there any trees, parks, or green spaces at all in Mong Kok?


    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Hardly. You have to walk towards the Prince Edwards Road side where there is a park. Other than that, Mong Kok is nothing but shopping, shops… and more shopping! 🙂


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