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Thailand 2012: Far end of Jomtien Beach; back to Bangkok

Date: 16th November 2012 (Part 2)

After leaving the Sanctuary of Truth, I rode my rented bike back to the main road.

T Six 5 hotel Pattaya Thailand
If you want a quieter side to Pattaya, stay on this side (TSix 5 Hotel)
Pattaya traffic signal
I placed the camera around my neck and would take photos whenever traffic stopped
Pattaya beach road Thailand
… or whenever I felt like taking a photo, I would stop on the side of the road and click
Amari Holiday Inn hotel Pattaya
You got a lot of major hotel brands on the north Pattaya side, like Amari and Holiday Inn
Thai Airways Pattaya office
Thai Airways’ Pattaya office is on the north end as well
Pattaya beach road
I didn’t really stop to take photos on Beach Road, because it’s hella busy
Road to Jomtien beach
I had been to Jomtien Beach in 2010, but I took a songthaew back then

Sun City hotel vegetarian restaurant Pattaya
I’m sure this hotel must be run by an Indian (Sun city Hotel)
Jomtien beach road Pattaya Thailand
It’s a short 5-minute drive from Beach Road to get to Jomtien Beach
Jomtien beach road Thailand
Jomtien is a much quieter, less seedier side of Pattaya
Jomtien beach bars Pattaya
Dominated by Russians, you still have enough bars and restaurants on this side — just not (m)any seedy clubs
Honda Jazz Jomtien beach Pattaya
I never got far the last time I was here
Jomtien Beach road end
I wanted to ride until the beach road ended
Jomtien beach road construction
But this is how the road ended
Jomtien beach condo construction
Maybe they’re expanding the road even further
Jomtien beach restaurant
No beach here
Jomtien beach pavement
I parked the bike and decided to walk a bit
Jomtien beach rocks sand
Like I’ve said many times before in my previous posts, Pattaya’s beaches are quite lame compared to the rest on Thailand’s shorelines
Jomtien beach tourists
Still, Jomtien at least gives you some space from the deluge of beach beds that take up all of the space on Pattaya Beach
Jomtien beach Pattaya Thailand
You’ll be hard pressed to find space like this on Pattaya’s main beach
Jomtien beach tree in water
There isn’t much natural beauty in Pattaya, but dig deeper and I guess you’ll find it
Jomtien beach pavement
I rode back up the same road , stopping on the side whenever I felt like taking photos

Pattaya pavement Jomtien beach

Dog lying on pavement
Awww… hope he/she was alright
Pattaya students Jomtien beach
A whole bunch of college students were enjoying the water rides
Pattaya banana boat ride
You have enough water-based activities on this side as well
Pattaya condominiums Jomtien beach
Plenty of condominiums on this side, a lot of which are owned by Russians
Beach volleyball Jomtien beach
It was getting dark
Jomtien beach evening Thailand
I decided to leave Jomtien
Fish & Chips tattoo Jomtien Pattaya
I wondered about having dinner at Jomtien itself. But I figured it was safer to give the rental bike back before having a beer.
Greek food Pattaya Thailand
Back in my area, I had dinner parceled from a Greek food joint. Never tried a Greek “shawarma” – a.k.a pita souvlaki. It was okay, the pita bread was bit too thick for the amount of filling

Date: 17th November 2012

I had to head back to Bangkok to meet up with my friend Ramesh who was to land today.

Chaba Hut resort garden
I left Chaba Hut after breakfast

I took a moped taxi to the Pattaya bus terminal from where one can catch buses to Ekamai in Bangkok city (124 baht for one way ride). I got down at Ekamai because the BTS station is right in front of the bus station.

@Hua Lamphong hostel Bangkok
This is where Ramesh and I booked our stay for one night in Bangkok — @Hua Lamphong Hostel
Reception Hua Lamphong hostel Bangkok
We chose this hostel as it is right across from the Hua Lamphong railway station
Gameroom Hua Lamphong hostel
The interiors at this hostel are very well done
Twin-room Hua Lamphong hostel Bangkok
Our room cost ฿950 per night (Rs. 1800/$30/€23)
@Hua Lamphong hostel room interior
Our room had all the convenience we needed
Bathroom Hua Lamphong hostel
It was very clean and well-maintained

Hua Lamphong has an MRT (subway) station very near by– which is another reason why we chose to stay at this hostel.

MRT station Bangkok Thailand
That’s my friend Ramesh, waiting for the train
Bangkok MRT subway train
We took the subway to Si Lom interchange
Inside BTS train Bangkok panorama
A panorama Ramesh took on his Nexus
BTS Silom line Bangkok
There’s a bit of walking to do to get to the Sala Daeng BTS station

BTS pedestrian walkway Silom

MBK J-pop dance contest
We went to MBK mall, which was hosting some J-pop dance cover contest outside

We had lunch at the food court at MBK, which is always crowded.

MBK mall escalators
We roamed around, checked out a few stores and left for the next mall
Rolls Royce Bangkok Siam Paragon
Siam Paragon, where besides the food court and the multiplex, everything else is quite expensive!

All we did throughout the day was go mall-hopping, as Ramesh needed to buy some stuff to prepare for the next week of travel.

Bangkok traffic at night
We walked all the way to Central World mall using the walkway
Car traffic jam Bangkok night
I. Hate. Bangkok traffic. It’s like this on Sukhumvit Road from 8am to 8pm.
Centralworld pillars at night Bangkok
This was outside Central World
Sukhumvit construction site at night
I guess this is going to be another mall + office complex
Bangkok street food cart
Ramesh picked up his pure vegetarian dinner from Subway and I had pad thai parceled from a street vendor near our hostel

We went to bed early as both of us were a bit tired. We would have the next morning to go around because our bus to Phuket was only late in the evening.

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