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Thailand: Terminal 21 mall; Bangkok to Phuket by bus

Date: 18th November 2012

The next morning, we checked out from our room but kept our luggage at the hostel itself.

Green milk tea Bangkok
We had breakfast from the cafe at the hostel itself. This was the green milk tea (฿65) I had along with my toast and eggs (฿70)

Since it was already noon, we took the BTS to Asoke and checked out the recently opened Terminal 21 mall.

Terminal 21 mall Bangkok
(Took this photo on my phone)
Terminal 21 entrance lobby
Yup, it’s another mall in Sukhumvit
Terminal 21 floors Bangkok mall
Like all new malls, it’s pretty big
Terminal 21 escalators from below
This is a nine-storey mall
Terminal 21 Japan floor Bangkok mall
It’s a themed mall, where in each floor is stylized based on a world-famous city. The first floor is ‘Tokyo’.

Terminal 21 Japan floor sumo pillar
Sumo wrestlers helping out with pillar support 🙂
London bus Terminal 21 mall Bangkok
Second floor is themed after London
London train Terminal 21 mall Bangkok
Terminal 21 Turkish decor Bangkok mall
This floor aims to resemble an Istanbul market
Istanbul floor Terminal 21 mall
Love these lights
Terminal 21 Istanbul market Bangkok mall
Honestly, the stores at this mall aren’t that impressive
Oscar model Terminal 21 mall Thailand
Oscar hint: guess where the cinemas are located
San Fransisco bridge Terminal 21 Bangkok
Themed after San Fransisco’s pier is the food court
Terminal 21 food court Bangkok
The food court has enough choice, with various cuisine on offer

As always, Ramesh needed pure vegetarian while I had my mind already set on another. We decided to split and I sat down at the The Manhattan Fish Market (a Singapore-based chain, not American).

Manhattan Fish Market flame lunch
I ordered the ‘Small Flame’ set meal which came with a soft fish fillet (tastes like Dory), 3 grilled prawns, herbed rice and french fries. All for ฿275 (Rs. 500/$8/€6). Along with a beer and tip, I spent ฿418 in total for lunch.
Citibank tower Bangkok Thailand
This is the view you get from the restaurant

Asoke BTS train from above

Manhattan Fish Market napkin joke

I re-grouped with Ramesh and the next few hours were wasted on trying to get my SM Town tickets. I’m not going into the details, because I’ve already talked about the ordeal here.

Rachadapisek road Bangkok
A lot of time (and taxi money) was wasted going to parts of Bangkok inaccessible by BTS
Bangkok city roads
Oh well, never came to this side of Bangkok before
IT expo Queen Sirikit Convention centre
We ended up checking out at an IT expo
Queen Sirikit National Convention centre hall
It was held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre

Back at the hostel, we freshened up, collected our bags and made our across the street.

Hua Lamphong railway station Bangkok
Ramesh and I waited inside the railway station… for our bus
Hua Lamphong railway station clock
When it was time, the travel company staff would escort us outside to where our bus was waiting

The bus was full and I didn’t get a seat next to Ramesh. Instead, I got some French backpacker… who stank! You could tell he hadn’t taken a bath. Everytime he lifted his arms, you could sense the heat emanating from his armpits! His feet smelled even worse.

Bus view Bangkok
I struggled to get sleep. I kept my nose as close to the window as possible!
Thap Sakae highway at night Thailand
I kept hoping we would get to Phuket sooner
Bus to Phuket rest stop
We had a stop en route and I caught up with Ramesh to have some snacks — and take in some fresh air!
Waiting shack Surat Thani
Before sunrise, we arrived at Surat Thani where we were instructed to get off the bus and wait at some shack

From there, they divided the passengers into two groups – those going to Koh Samui and those going to Phuket.

Surat Thani dawn
We were then asked to wait at another transport office!

We were surprised to know the ticket fare (฿850) we paid in Bangkok was only until Surat Thani. We had to pay an additional ฿200 for another van taxi to take us to Patong beach!

Bus route map Thailand
This is the route the bus companies follow
Man playing with cat Thailand
We waited nearly an hour for the van. Tried to pass time, had a cup of coffee and watched strangers tease stray cats.
Thailand highway construction
By the time we hit the road again, it was 6am
Highway Surat Thani Thailand
This journey was going to take close 2 hours
Phuket highway Thailand
The roads were great for much of the ride
Van to Phuket
We stopped again for another short break

Bangkok to Phuket highway

Phuket town street
We were going to be staying in Patong for the next 3 days
Road to Patong
The uphill road to Patong
Road to Patong beach
I was desperate to hit the bed as I barely slept the whole night

We had reserved a double room at Bangphu Inn using Agoda, and as per the map, the hotel looked pretty close to Patong Beach. When we finally got to our destination, we couldn’t have been more pleased with our decision.

Bangphu Inn hotels Indian Phuket
Bangphu Inn has everything you need nearby, and it was right opposite an Indian restaurant
Bangphu Inn double room Phuket
We had asked for a twin bed room but they didn’t have one available. So we had to with this (Rs. 6759/$122/€87) for three nights
Bangphu Inn bathroom Phuket
It was clean and everything worked
Soi Gepsap Patong Phuket
This was from our balcony. The beach was just a minute’s walk away.
Bangphu Inn restaurant Phuket
Bangphu Inn has a restaurant and bar below

As soon as we stepped out, we were lured by a Nepali staff to lunch at the restaurant that employed him. We weren’t keen on eating Indian food all the way here, but at the same time, we were too lazy to find another place. We didn’t have a proper breakfast, and just wanted to be done with lunch so that we could get some sleep!

Seafood barbecue Phuket
While Ramesh had his daal and sabzi, I indulged myself by ordering a seafood tandoor platter
Feasting seafood bbq Mithun
My challenge: finish the crab, prawns, a whole red snapper, squid, and some other fish
Fish bones after
After nearly an hour, I managed to stuff 90% of it. There was still some cuttlefish left… but it just couldn’t finish it! I feel guilty wasting precious food (and because it cost a ฿1000), but I had to give in.

It was a good thing we decided to sleep after lunch. It rained rather heavily the rest of the evening. At night, we stepped out after the rains had stopped.

Holiday Inn resort Patong Phuket
Ramesh and I decided to walk around Patong
Hard Rock Cafe Hotel Phuket Thailand
Phuket’s Hard Rock Cafe
Jungceylon mall phuket
Jungceylon, the largest mall in town — just a few minutes walk from our hotel
Jungceylon courtyard Phuket
We spent some time at the mall
Street food Phuket Thailand
Walked past a lot of tempting street food
Patong at night Phuket
Patong comes alive at night
Tour vendor Patong Phuket
We had to book a tour to James Bong island, and there are enough and more tour operators selling them. This guy was one active vendor who tried his best to sell us his tours.
Patong Walking Street nightlife Phuket
Patong’s Walking Street
Shortcut to Walking Street Phuket
We took another route

Street shops Phuket

Strip joint lane Phuket
A lot of go-go- bars up ahead

For dinner, neither of us wanted to have a heavy meal. I was still feeling stuffed!

Taveewong road Patong Phuket
This was the lane leading up to our hotel. Enough restaurants, bars, and massage parlors here.
Patong beach road at night
We picked up our dinner from Beach Road
Honest pirate shop Phuket Thailand
‘Honestly’ selling pirated games, movies and software 🙂
Burger King double burger
I thought a Burger King burger would be a ‘light’ dinner. But even this was too much for me to stuff down tonight.
Bangphu Inn hotel sign Phuket
All said, we were happy with our location in Phuket. We didn’t hit the beach today, but no worries.

Tomorrow, we would go on an island-hopping tour, which included a stop at Koh Panyee village and James Bond island.

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