Risso dolphins Muscat Oman sea

Oman: Day 2 (Part 1) – Dolphin watching tour in Muscat

Date: October 26, 2014

We all woke up early today as we had to be at Marina Bandar Al Rowdha by around 8am. First up, it was breakfast at the Radisson Blu hotel.

Breads Radisson Blu breakfast buffet
This was just the breads section. Also had fresh pistachios, almonds, cashews, walnuts and a variety of bread spreads.
Ham cold cuts buffet Radisson Blu Muscat
The cold meats and fruits counter. On the other side, there were other traditional breakfast dishes, puri-bhaji, omlette counter, corn flakes and a whole variety of hot & cold drinks on offer. All in all, a huge breakfast buffet!
Croissants pastry breakfast Muscat
I started off with some croissants. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to sample everything in the buffet.
Muscat residential neighbourhood Oman
After breakfast, we were picked up by our driver.
Muscat City highway Oman
We were on our way to Muscat City again
Muscat marina in morning Oman
The marina looked lovely early in the morning
Muscat roundabout Oman
I missed roundabouts of the Gulf 🙂
Oman petrol price
We stopped at a petrol station to fill up and pick up some water bottles. Being in a GCC country, I just had to take a photo of how much petrol costs out here. Regular costs 0.114 riyals, which is Rs. 18 ($0.30/€0.25) per litre!
Muscat township Oman
It was a fairly long drive to Marina Bandar Al Rowdha

Road to Port al Bandar Muscat
I was impressed at how well-manicured the lawns along the highways were
Muscat marina boats Oman
We reached Marina Bandar Al Rowdha and were assigned a boat
Tour boat Muscat marina Oman
This was our boat
Tourists boat Muscat dolphin sighting tour
The boat was full of mostly Indian tourists
Mithun Divakaran Oman boat ride
Took some photos using the GoPro
Boat ride GoPro Oman
Let the cruising begin!
Dolphin tour Oman sea
It wasn’t long before the boat slowed down because we spotted what seemed to be dolphins
Dolphin tour Muscat
We were told the type of dolphins that frequent these waters were Bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, and Spinner dolphins
Dolphin splashing in water Oman
The dolphins were starting to appear much closer to us
Fisherman feeding dolphins Oman
This boatman seemed to be drawing a line through the waters and dolphins were chasing him. Feed for the dolphins?
Dolphins Oman sea
There were dolphins all around!
Dolphin sighting tour Oman
The other side
Dolphins Oman sea tour
I had to swap lenses for better zoom
Flock of dolphins Oman
They were all around us
Dolphin jumping out of sea Oman
Pft, attention seeker!
Dolphin boat chaser Oman
This photograph isn’t black and white… it just turned out that way
Oman sea morning
It was still early in the morning

Muscat hill silhouette dolphins Oman

Dolphin jumping out water
We spotted quite a few spinners
Dolphin watching boat tour Oman
There were at least 4 or 5 tour boats alongside ours
Dolphin watching Oman sea
It was pretty awesome to see a pod of dolphins (yes, a group of dolphins is called a ‘pod,’ I had to check)
Dolphins Muscat sea
Don’t ask me what species they were
Dolphin watching tour Muscat Oman
Muscat marina in the distance
Fins dolphins sea
Not sharks
Dolphins swimming container ship
We could see major ships now

Seabird ship dolphin Oman sea

Risso dolphins Muscat Oman sea
Risso dolphins?
Dolphins splashing Oman
You have a second to try and capture them the moment they jump out of the water

We spent nearly and hour spotting dolphins, and there wasn’t a singly long gap we waited to spot then. Right from the time we saw the first dolphin, it was a constant “oh, look there!” “hey, there are more on this side” and “wow, so many!”. We saw a lot of a dolphins, and it was a great experience.

Incense burner monument Muscat Oman
The landmark Incense burner monument of Muscat
Muscat marina park Oman
We had seen enough dolphins for today, so the boat turned around and next we were going  towards some rock formations
Sultan Palace from sea Oman
On the way, we saw Al Alam Palace
Mountain fort by sea Muscat Oman
And saw some other attractions along the way
Muscat sea fort Oman
Forgot the name of this fort
Muscat sea rocks Oman
Then the boat sped up and we were all in awe of the scenery
Face head-shaped rock Oman sea
A human head-shaped rock
Dolphin rock formation Oman sea
And how appropriate is this? A dolphin-shaped rock 🙂
Elephant rock shape Oman sea
Elephant rock
Emerald water Oman sea beach
The water looked amazing!
Fishermen boat net Muscat Oman
Seemed like a good spot to fish too
Seaside cemetery Muscat Oman
A seaside cemetery
Seagull flying Oman sea mountains
Oman truly has a beautiful coastline
Omani village by Arabian sea
We slowed down as we neared a fishing village
Muscat seaside village fishing boats
We didn’t have an English-speaking guide with us, so I could only remember little of what we were told about this place… which wasn’t much
Fox shaped mountain rock Oman
Another rock formation in the shape of an animal. Can you guess which animal?
Marina boats Oman
With our tour over, we returned to the marina
Yachts Muscat marina Oman
Luxury toys for the rich
Dhow boat Muscat Oman
Dhow, a traditional Arabian boat
Mithun Aseem Manjulika at Muscat marina
We took a group selfie before leaving the docks
Marina Al Bander offices toilet
Offices for various tour companies and public restrooms are in this building

We found out that the dolphin watching tour usually costs OMR 15 (Rs.2400/$38/34) — and that’s for the 2-3 hours spent at sea spotting dolphins and other seaside attractions. But as it turns out, we were the lucky ones! We met another Indian group who told us they hardly saw any dolphins! Which was weird because they started at around the same time as us and I assumed, all the boats that were following us surely must have seen as many dolphins as we saw. Turns out, we were really fortunate.

Here’s a small video I took of the dolphins while we were out at sea:

Our tours for day wasn’t over though. The driver then took us high above to some viewpoints before lunch, but all that in the next post.

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