Nizwa fort main tower Oman

Oman: Day 3 (Part 2) – Nizwa Fort and Jabreen Castle

Date: 27th October, 2014

We began our tour for today by first visiting the Sultan Qaboos mosque before leaving Muscat.

Oman highway to Nizwa
Now we were cruising along the highway to our next destination: the town of Nizwa
Majjid driver Oman
This was our driver-slash-guide, Majid, who was pretty laid back and fun 🙂
Nizwa mountain highway Oman
Oman’s mountainous landscape is quite a sight
Highway to Nizwa Oman
In fact, by evening we would be even higher up the mountains
Nizwa fort road Oman
An hour later, we had reached Nizwa souq
Entrance to Nizwa souq Oman
I believe there is an fee of 500 baisa (₹82/$2.6/€1) to enter Nizwa Fort but Majid took care of that for us
Nizwa souq clay pots Oman
There is the souq part (souq = ‘market’ in Arabic)
Nizwa souq shops Oman
We headed straight towards the fort

Tower Nizwa fort Oman
The main tower
Nizwa fort entry door Oman
Our driver said he’ll wait outside and told us we had 30 mins to spend inside
Nizwa fort steps Oman
I went up these steps to get a better look
Nizwa fort outer area Oman
Reminds me of Prince of Persia for some reason
Nizwa fort map Oman
The fort was built in the 1650s
Nizwa fort old Oman history
We went inside
Tourists Nizwa fort Oman
And went straight to the main tower
Inside Nizwa fort steps Oman
Sigh, more steps to climb
Nizwa fort panorama city view Oman
A panorama of Nizwa from the front of the fort
Nizwa town fort view Panorama
From the side
No wind flagpole Nizwa Oman
There was no wind. No wind, no flag.
Exhibits hall Nizwa fort Oman
Back down from the tower, we went to the Exhibits Hall next
Exhibits inside Nizwa fort Oman
It mostly housed clothing, jewelry and other artifacts from a bygone era
Way of life exhibits Nizwa Fort Oman
It was like a small museum

Exhibits old Nizwa fort Oman

Nizwa fort exit Oman
We went in here
Nizwa fort model
A model of the fort complex
Old store Oman Nizwa fort
Old stores
Nizwa fort main tower Oman
And we were back out again
Nizwa souq stores Oman
We walked back and just checked out a few of the shops along the way
Souvenir shops Nizwa fort Oman
No shortage of souvenir shops here
Pottery Nizwa shop Oman
Lots of pots here
Souq shops Nizwa Oman
The souq
Nizwa market Oman
This is the indoor fresh market
Tree Nizwa Oman
We walked back to our car
Nizwa fort panorama Oman
Took one final panorama before leaving Nizwa souq
Jabreen castle Oman
The next stop on the tour was at Jabreen castle in Bahla
Jabreen castle entrance Oman
Entry to Jabreen castle is 500 baisa as well
Jabreen castle inside Oman
Jabreen castle was built in the 17th century by Imam Bel’arab bin Sultan Al Yarubi
Imams tomb Jabreen castle Oman
The Imam’s tomb
Living room Jabreen castle Oman
Imagine what daily life was like out here in the dessert — a hundred years ago
Stairs Jabreen castle Oman
Jabreen castle has 5 levels
Sun moon room Jabreen castle Oman
This room is called the Sun and Moon room, and has natural ventilation (obviously)
Roof Jabreen castle Oman
I went up to the rooftop where I stumbled into Dency, the woman at Oman Tourism India who organized our trip. She was here assisting a photographer from India who was assigned to take photographs of some of the places we were visiting.
Rooftop Jabreen castle Oman
Jabreen castle is just outside Bahla town
Palm tree farm Bahla Oman
Nothing but palm tress, sand and… nothing else all around
Oman flag Jabreen castle
Got enough wind for me to take this photo on my Sony Xperia Z1 phone
Rooftop view Jabreen castle Oman
It was time for me to go back down

Inside Jabreen castle Oman

Inside Jabreen castle old architecture Oman
Jabreen castle was renovated in the 1980s
Old pots vessels Jabreen castle Oman
These old pots and vessels still remain
Jabreen castle Bahla Oman
We left Jabreen castle as two groups, along with Dency and her jeep
Riding uphill Bahla tower
We rode up a small hill for a viewpoint
Bahla town mountains Oman
That’s Bahla town
Bahla fort castle Oman
And that’s Bahla fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site. We couldn’t go there due to lack of time.
Bahla highway Oman
We were all hungry and it was now time for lunch
Restaurant coffeeshop Bahla Oman
Options were limited in this town and we were kind of late for lunch, so the drivers took us here
Mandi biriyani mutton Oman
The eatery was small, but the mandi biriyani they served was pretty decent. I ordered mutton and the meat was so tasty that I ate more meat than rice.

After a satisfying meal, we set off for our next destination — Al Hamra Village in Jebel Akhdar. After that, we would stop at the mountain village of Misfah before ending our journey at Jebel Shams, the highest peak in the Gulf region. All that in the next post!

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