Grand Mosque interiors Muscat Oman

Oman: Day 3 (Part 1) – Sultan Qaboos mosque (Muscat’s Grand Mosque)

Date: 27th October, 2014

Today we were going to drive out of Muscat and head off into the desert mountains. But before leaving Muscat, our guide (a new one) took us to see the Sultan Qaboos mosque, a.k.a the Grand Mosque.

Driving to Grand Mosque Muscat
The Grand Mosque was a short drive from the Radisson Blu
Gardens Grand Mosque Muscat
There is no entry fee, but the mosque is only open to public from Saturday to Thursday
Ladies robes Grand Mosque Muscat
If you are a lady, you can only enter if you are covered from head to toe
Visitor guidelines Grand Mosque Muscat
The rules
Lawn Sultan Qaboos mosque Muscat
The lawn was really nice

Open area Grand Mosque Oman

Inside Sultan Qaboos mosque Muscat
We walked around a bit before going inside the main prayer hall

Islamic architecture window designs Muscat
I was appreciating the Islamic design
Islamic architecture ceiling design Muscat
The mosque is built using 300,000 tonnes of Indian sandstone
Shoe rack Grand Mosque Muscat
We removed our shoes, placed them on the racks…
Door Sultan Qaboos Mosque Muscat
… and entered the main hall
Prayer hall Sultan Qaboos mosque Oman
Grand Mosque chandelier Muscat Oman
Look at that chandelier!
Faustig chandelier Sultan Qaboos mosque Oman
The stunning chandelier was built by a German company called Faustig. It is the second largest chandelier in the world.
Prayer hall Sultan Qaboos mosque
The main prayer hall can accommodate 6500 (male) worshipers
Carpet Sultan Qaboos mosque Muscat
This carpet is the second largest single piece, hand-woven carpet in the world. Made in Iran. The largest is in the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi.
Muscat Grand Mosque wooden ceiling
Everything inside was impressive

Ornate Islamic art Grand Mosque Oman

Grand Mosque pillar Muscat
The mosque took 6 years to build

Lights Grand Mosque prayer hall Muscat

Chandeliers Grand Mosque Oman
Still, I couldn’t help but look up all the time. The lights are truly astonishing.
Grand Mosque interiors Muscat Oman
Truly amazing inside
Inside Grand Mosque dome GoPro Oman took
I took this photo using my GoPro before leaving
Womens prayer hall Grand Mosque Muscat
We made a quick stop next door to see the lady’s prayer hall. It’s much smaller.
Grand Mosque dome Muscat Oman
This is what the exterior dome looks like
Grand Mosque Muscat Oman panorama
A panorama of Sultan Qaboos mosque exterior
Islamic architecture hallway Oman
We made our way out
Outside Grand Mosque Muscat
Just as we were on the way out, a bus load of tourists had entered the premises. So I’d say it’s a good idea to visit the Grand Mosque early, say before 10am.
Toyota Prado Muscat Oman
We returned to our Toyota Prado. We were going to leave Muscat now.
Highway to Nizwa Oman
We hit the highway to head to our next stop: Nizwa

That will be the next post.

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