Denboin garden pagoda Tokyo Japan

Japan: Denboin garden, near Sensoji Temple

Date: 28th March 2015

Yesterday was all Shinjuku, from the skyscrapers to the nightlife of Kabukicho. Today was going to be a packed day. I walked to the Seiyu supermarket nearby just to see what it was like inside a Japanese supermarket.

Meat section supermarket Japan
Seeing all the meat on offer made me wish I had a proper kitchen to cook
Ice cream section supermarket Japan
The ice creams I saw made me wish it wasn’t freezing cold outside :-/
Pastry section Japanese supermarket
I decided to come back at night to pick up some baked goods
Croquet section Japanese supermarket
There were plenty of croquets available too
Asakusa shopping street Tokyo Japan
Plenty of shops and eateries in Asakusa
Asakusa Don Quijote Tokyo Japan
I quickly checked out the Don Quijote here
Chocolates Don Quijote Asakusa
The ground floor was all food and snacks
Fetish costumes Don Quijote Tokyo Japan
The upper floors are electronics, fashion, sex toys… and all sorts of fetish costumes — French maid outfits to school uniforms
Asakusa shopping streets Tokyo
I left Don Quijote and walked towards Sensoji Temple

Tax free shop Tokyo Japan
I walked through the shopping arcade that leads out to Sensoji
Sensoji shrine sakura Tokyo
The sakura trees were starting to bloom
Street food stalls Asakusa Tokyo
It was a festive atmosphere all around Sensoji Temple, and food stalls were aplenty
Sensoji map Asakusa attractions Japan
A map of surrounding attractions
Sensoji temple Denboin garden open
I noticed a sign saying Denboin garden is open for a limited period
Denboin garden keep out Japan
After paying the entry fee, which included a tour of an exhibition showcasing ancient paintings and scriptures (not photography allowed), I entered the garden
Denboin garden history Tokyo Japan
Denboin garden is a few hundred years old
Denboin garden lake panorama
The entire garden is centered around a lake
Denboin garden pagoda Tokyo Japan
Quite picturesque and quintessentially Japanese
Five storey pagoda Denboin garden
Took this photo on my Sony Xperia phone. That’s the Five Storied pagoda
Sakura tree Denboin garden Tokyo Japan
What’s a Japanese garden without a sakura tree, eh?
Denboin garden hall Tokyo Japan
I don’t know what this hall was used for
Denboin garden skytree Japan
From across the lake with the Tokyo Skytree visible in the background
Accordion player Asakusa Tokyo
And that was it really. I was back out again (the lady in red was playing the accordion)

I’d say a visit to Denboin Garden is still a nice thing to do when in Sensoji because it’s not open all through the year, only during special occasions and festive periods.

Shopping arcade Asakusa Tokyo Japan
I checked out the adjoining shopping arcades again
Retro toy shop Tokyo Japan
This was a cool retro toy shop selling action figures and other toys from (mostly) the 1970s and 80s
Mime artist Tokyo Japan
Came across this mime artist
Japanese mime artist Asakusa
Tipped the guy and he posed for a few photos
Takoyaki food stall Tokyo Japan
Back out near Sensoji, I checked a few of the food stalls. This was selling Takoyaki (octopus balls with a variety of fillings)
Sweet potato fries street food Tokyo
Sweet potato fries
Okonomiyaki stall street food Tokyo
Okonomiyaki — a savoury pancake dish with lots of toppings (shredded cabbage is common)
Crowds Sumida river Tokyo-japan
After leaving the Sensoji area, I walked towards Sumida River

Either side of Sumida river was choc-full of cherry blossom trees in full bloom! It was a lovely sight, but that and the boat ride to Odaiba are all in the next post.

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