Sumida-gawa from sakura bashi bridge

Japan: Cherry blossom celebrations by Sumida River

Date: 28th March 2015

After checking out Denboin Garden near Sensoji temple, I walked towards Sumida River next.

Skytree gold building Asahi Sumida
I was here to check out the sakura festivities on either side of the Sumida River
Tokyo Cruise building Sumida river
Plenty of boat tours from this station
Tokyo cruise map Sumida river
Here’s a map of the waterway service
Sumida river tour boat Tokyo
I would take one of these boats later
Sumida river two sides panorama
A wide panorama of both banks
Tokyo sky tree panorama Japan
The Tokyo Skytree, shot using my 70-200 mm lens
Asahi beer hall golden building Tokyo
I decided to check out this side of the river bank first

Tokyo Skytree reflection glass building

Cleaners Sumida-gawa sakura festival
Cleaners and volunteers all ready to keep things tidy
Sumida river bridge Tokyo Japan
There are many bridges crossing over Sumida river

Boats going under bridge Sumida river-tokyo

Sakura trees Sumida river Tokyo
I was happy to see cherry blossom trees finally in bloom
Sakura festivities Sumida gawa Tokyo Japan
Benches were placed on the sides and people were enjoying drinks and snacks
Food stall Sumida-gawa sakura festivities
Fresh snacks being fried
Sumida-gawa sakura trees panorama
Sakura trees line the entire boulevard
Cherry blossom trees Sumida-gawa Tokyo
Sumida river is one of the best venues to see the sakura trees in Tokyo
Sakura trees Sumida-gawa Tokyo
Is this the full bloom though?
Crowds Sumida-gawa sakura matsuri Tokyo
The crowds were out in full force today (it was a Saturday)
Sakura bashi bridge Sumida Tokyo
This is Sakura Bashi bridge
Sakura Bashi bridge shape Tokyo
This what the bridge looks like from up above
Sumida river boats Tokyo
LOTS of boat tours

Sumida-gawa from sakura bashi bridge

Sumida river panorama Tokyo
A panorama
Tokyo Sky tree Sony xperia Z1
Took this photo on my phone
Sumida river walkway Tokyo Japan
Sumida rivers seems like a nice place to come for a jog or a walk
Sakura bashi bridge Sumida river
I crossed the bridge to the other side
Sakura picnic Sumida river park Tokyo
There was more space on this side for picnicking
Sumida park sakura flowers yellow Tokyo
More flowers in bloom
Sakura tree Sumida Park Tokyo
Lots of people were drinking and some had even passed out, but nobody was ruining the atmosphere
Sumida river tour boat pier Tokyo
I decided to take a boat ride down to Odaiba today itself
Sumida river boat ride ticket office
I went to this office and bought my ticket. There are other boat service providers mind you.
Sumida boat cruise schedule Tokyo
It costs ¥1310 (₹750/$11.5/€10) for the one way ride to Odaiba
Tokyo Skytree Sumida river train bridge
Caught a train going over the river
Tobu Asakusa station building Tokyo
I guess it was stopping at Tobu Asakusa station
Takoyaki being made Tokyo Japan
I hadn’t eaten lunch yet so I stopped at this Takoyaki shop under the rail tracks
Takoyaki katsuobushi street food Japan
Takoyaki are made using wheat flour-based batter and filled with octopus bits, green onion and other fillings. That flaky topping is katsuobushi (fish shavings).
Sumida river cruise boarding area Tokyo
Post-lunch, I walked back to the boarding dock for my boat ride

The boat ride to Odaiba, the giant Gundam statue at Diver city Mall and more are all in the next post.

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