Mount Fuji Lake Ashi Hakone Japan

Japan: Getting to Hakone; Lake Ashi sightseeing cruise

Date: 31 March 2015

The second to last day on Japan soil. I had to make the most of it and accomplish a few more things. Experience a proper, natural outdoor onsen (hot spring), see Mount Fuji from closer up, — and eat sushi at a proper sushi restaurant.

Today I was going to be spending the whole day at Hakone, a popular getaway for Tokyo’s residents. Famous for offering great views of Mount Fuji, many hiking trails, resorts and many natural hot springs.

Yesterday, I bought a Hakone pass off a hostel mate who had purchased a two-day pass but only used the benefits of the pass yesterday. I could make use of the pass to avail buses and local trains within Hakone today. But first I had to get to Hakone from Tokyo station.

Tokyo station Odawara platforms
At Tokyo station, platforms 9 and 10 have trains going to Odawara (Tokaido Line)
Tokaido line Okachimachi eki Japan
I forget exactly which stations I had to get down at and transfer trains, but eventually I had to stick to the Tokaido line to get to Odawara station
View from train to Odawara
It was time leave the urban sights of Tokyo
Shinagawa station platform Japan
I think this was Shinagawa station, the second station I had to switch trains from
Odawara station Japan
It took just over an hour because of all the transfers
Bus depot Odawara station Japan
But from Odawara station, I now had to take a bus to get to the docks at Lake Ashi from where the sightseeing cruise departs
Odawara river stream Japan
You could see right away why city-dwellers come here

Odawara sights from bus Japan
Problem is, there was quite a bit of traffic and the bus was chugging along rather slowly
Cyclist Hakone hill ride Japan
I saw quite a few cyclists riding uphill

I must say though, the roads aren’t very wide. We were riding up and down hills, and the roads are just two lanes, so there isn’t a whole lot of space for cyclists. So ride carefully. I also saw quite a few high-end cars with their roofs down cruising past. The air is clean out here so I can imagine this is the right environment to go for a ride in convertibles.

I was wondering if I made a mistake taking the bus because it was moving at a rather slow pace. Sure, traffic was backed up at a few places but the buses would stop along the way to drop off passengers at various resorts, onsens and other attractions. Anyway, it’s not like I could afford to take a taxi. This bus ride was covered by the pass.

Hakone lake town Japan
I reached the town-like area by the lake where I had to get down
Sightseeing cruise office Lake Ashi Hakone
This is the office for the sightseeing cruise at Lake Ashi
Hakone sightseeing cruise tickets Japan
It costs ¥1000 for a one way ride across the lake, ¥1840 for a return journey. I didn’t have to pay for it as the ride is covered in the Hakone pass as well
Lake Ashi sign Hakone national park
Ashinoko is the full name of the lake
Lake Ashi cruise port Hakone
It was quite windy
Lake Ashi cruise docking port Hakone
There are two boat services that tour the lake. The one that is covered in the Hakone Pass is not this kind of boat.
Pier Lake Ashi Hakone Japan
I waited at the pier for my boat to arrive
Pirate ship sightseeing Lake Ashi tour
And if that looks like a pirate ship… it is
Pirate ship Lake Ashi cruise Japan
Not a sight you see too often these days, eh?
Pirate clown Hakone cruise ship
And yes, that’s a pirate clown
Inside Hakone sightseeing cruise ship
There is seating inside
Hakone sightseeing cruise ship outdoor
But I wanted to take photos
Hakone sightseeing pirate ship deck Japan
So I went to the upper deck, even though there were cold winds
Pirate ship outer deck Hakone
Still, the views are much better from here
Leaving lake ashi pier Hakone
The boat departed
Lake Ashi torii view Hakone
I decided to swap lenses
Torii lake ashi trek hakone Japan
The torii is part of Hakone Shrine inside the forest

Lake Ashi island Hakone Japan

Mount Fuji Lake Ashi Hakone Japan
But the main attraction is of course, Fuji-yama!
Mount Fuji peak from Lake Ashi
Fortunately, it was a clear day and I got an unobstructed view of Mount Fuji’s peak
Lake Ashi trees Hakone hills
Lots of trees all around
Lake Ashi forest Hakone Japan
After days of city life, it was refreshing to see Japan’s countryside again
Pirate ship lake ashi Hakone Japan
Pirate ships… in Japan. He he.
Hakone hills ropeway Japan
Hakone also has a famous cable car (ropeway is the preferred word here)
Pirate ship Hakone sightseeing tour
We were at the end of our ride
Pirate boats Hakone cruise tours
We disembarked our pirate ship and set foot on land

The cruise across Lake Ashi barely takes 20 minutes. It’s still an enjoyable cruise as the sights all around are pleasant. Next up, I would take the ropeway up to a resort from where I would soak myself in an onsen while enjoying a spectacular view of Mount Fuji. That’s the next post!

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