Cable car going uphill Ngong Ping

Hong Kong: Ngong Ping 360 cable car, Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

Date: 4th July 2012

My last full day in Hong Kong, and I chose to spend it all on Lantau island. I took the MTR from Mong Kok -> Lai King -> Tung Chung to get to Ngong Ping.

Sunny skies cloud Hong Kong
It looked sunny outside — I just hoped it would stay that way
Disneyland MTR station Hong Kong
Lantau is also where Hong Kong Disneyland is located
Citygate Outlets Lantau Hong Kong
This was the stop to get to the cable car station
Cable car MTR station fountain Lantau island
That’s the MTR station in the back, and a fountain
High rise apartments Lantau island Hong Kong
There’s no escaping high-rise apartment buildings anywhere in Hong Kong; it’s a necessity
Hong Kong high rise apartment buildings bus stop Lantau
This is also where the major bus stop for Lantau island is located
Lantau island Hong Kong
I made my way to the cable car station

Queue Ngong Ping cable car Hong Kong
Because I had printed out out my online booking, I didn’t have to wait in line
Ngong Ping cable car queue Hong Kong
Which was a good thing, because the line was looooooong. So there’s a tip for ya!
Ngong Ping 360 cable car pod Lantau island
There are two types of pods
Ngong Ping cable car pods Hong Kong
The regular ones are what you see on the right. The one before it has a clear glass floor; that costs HK$149 for a single trip.
Leaving cable car station Lantau island
I opted for just a single trip (HK$86) as I would be heading to Tai O village from Ngong Ping
Ngong Ping swimming pool
Up I went

Cable car tower Hong Kong

Cable car Hong Kong
This was going in the opposite direction

Bridge Lantau island Hong Kong

Lantau island sea-facing apartments

Ngong Ping cable car station Lantau
From here it turns left

Refinery airport Hong Kong

Cable car to Ngong Ping Hong Kong
And we go higher up
Chek Lap Kok airport from Ngong Ping
That’s the airport
Lantau island apartments from cable car
Building apartments wherever they can
Lantau island hills Hong Kong
You would never have imagined Hong Kong offered such landscapes
Hong Kong airport view from cable car
You get a pretty good view of the entire airport from up here
Chek lap kok airport view from cable car
Chek Lap Kok airport, one the best in the world. All built on reclaimed land.
Hong Kong airport aerial view
This is a tight crop of the main airport terminal, thus the poor quality

Cable car going uphill Ngong Ping

Cable car tower Ngong Ping
The steps you see below are a trekking path
Hong Kong trek path Lantau island
Part of the Lantau Trail, if you have the time and the energy, you can trek across a good chunk of Lantau Island
Steps Lantau trail Hong Kong
Apparently the trail extends nearly 70kms

Lantau island waterfalls hills

Cable car tower Hong Kong

Cable car station Hong Kong
There seems to be a station here too, in case you get too tired to trek all the way to Ngong Ping
Views from Lantau island cable car
You can see the final station from this far
Lantau island hills Hong Kong
This is a side to Hong Kong that doesn’t get as much attention
Ngong Ping temple Buddha statue from cable car
Po Lin Monastery and Big Buddha statue from afar
Arriving Ngong Ping cable car station
After a 10 minute ride or so, you reach the final stop
Ngong Ping programme timetable
The main reason why I delayed coming to Ngong Ping until today was because they were going to have a Shaolin martial arts showcase beginning today. Oddly enough, this sign said “Cancel(led)”.
Ngong Ping station
I still made my way to Ngong Ping village
Ngong Ping 360 village Hong Kong
This is the entry to the ‘village’
Ngong Ping Shaolin stage show
Looks like the stage was all set
Ngong Ping Subway Ebeneezer's Hong Kong
But I was hungry, so I decided to eat before I walked any further. Went to Ebeneezer’s.
Tsingtao beer bottle Hong Kong
Ordered a Tsingtao for the first time
Shawarma roll fries Hong Kong
Chicken shawarma and fries (HK$72), because it’s one of my favourite combos
Chinese host Shaolin show Ngong Ping
But just as I was about to bite into my shawarma, I heard a lady announcing something outside
Ngong Ping Shaolin masters show
Lo and behold, the Shaolin Masters held a showcase!
Ngong Ping Shaolin masters flag
It was all pretty impressive

Ngong Ping Shaolin masters performanceNgong Ping performance Shaolin martial artsShaolin masters showcase Hong Kong

Shaolin masters Ngong Ping swords
The first troupe gave way to these guys
Shaolin martial arts display swords
Not real swords, more like aluminum strips — but they do the job of making the sound when in contact

But why bother with images, here’s a video I recorded:

I went back to Ebeneezer’s, finished my lunch and moved on.

Inside Ngong Ping village Hong Kong
It was freaking hot, but I had to check out the rest of the ‘village’
Walking with Buddha Ngong Ping
Ngong Ping has a lot of other attractions too
Chinese round door Ngong Ping
This is the exit to the bus station

Ngong Ping village Lantau Hong Kong

World cable car pods display Ngong Ping
They had cable cars from all around the world, and from different eras

Ngong Ping village Hong Kong

Ngong Ping direction sign attractions
I decided to walk up to the Big Buddha statue first
Ngong Ping stalls Hong Kong
These were stalls selling t-shirts, souvenirs and drinks

Ngong Ping piazza Hong Kong

Chinese general statue Ngong Ping village
They had statues of 12 Chinese generals

Ngong Ping statues Hong Kong

Ngong Ping statue Hong Kong hill

Ngong Ping village gate Hong KongFlags Ngong Ping Hong Kong

Big Buddha hill Lantau Hong Kong
Way to the Tian Tan Buddha
Steps to Big Buddha hill Lantau
Steps, my worst enemy when travelling
Mithun Divakaran Big Buddha Hong Kong
Took a break to have my photo taken
View from Big Buddha hill Hong Kong
The view from up here is pretty grand
Big Buddha statue Hong Kong
Tian Tan Buddha, once the “world’s tallest outdoor bronze seated Buddha”

Buddha hand statue Hong Kong

Big Buddha statue back Hong Kong

Lantau hills from Tian Tan Buddha

Outlying islands Lantau Hong Kong
There are great views all around

Hill cloud Lantau Hong Kong

Paragliding Lantau Hong Kong
Someone was paragliding in the distance
Statues Tian Tan Buddha hill Hong Kong
These were statues depicting gifts and blessings offered to Buddha

Statues Buddha hill Lantau Hong KongWorship statue Lantau Hong KongBig Buddha structure Hong KongSteps Big Buddha Hong KongLamp Tian Tan Buddha hill Hong KongCable car Lantau Hong Kong

Plane landing cable car Lantau Hong Kong
You can see planes landing pretty much every five minutes from up here
Plane landing cable car Lantau Hong Kong
Po Lin Monastery is on the left, and that’s where I was heading to next

Big buddha statue Hong Kong

Steps down Big Buddha Lantau Hong Kong
Going back down, the easy part

Tian Tan Buddha big statue Hong Kong

White gate Po Lin Hong Kong
Off to Po Lin Monastery I went

Man praying Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong

Entrance Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong
Not the main monastery, just an entrance

Chinese mythical statues Hong Kong

Po Lin monastery Hong Kong
This is Po Lin monastery, built way before Ngong Ping 360 and the Big Buddha statue ever existed
Pillars Po Lin monastery Hong Kong
I went inside

Inside Po Lin Monastery Lantau Hong KongInside Po Lin Monastery Hong Kong

Giant bell Po Lin monastery Hong Kong
No, you can’t touch it

Ceiling Po Lin monastery Hong Kong

Hanging inside Po Lin monastery Hong KongDoors Po Lin monastery Hong Kong

Po Lin monastery Chinese temple roof Hong Kong
Some exterior shots

Chinese temple exterior design Hong Kong

Green trees Ngong Ping Hong Kong

Deli vegetarian cafe Ngong Ping Hong Kong
I was really thirsty and craved something cold (again). This is the only eatery inside the monastery grounds.
Soya bean curd Tau Huay Hong Kong
I ordered some chilled tau huay (or soya bean curd) with sugar syrup (HK$10)…
Pocari Sweat Hong Kong
… and had a Pocari Sweat in what seemed like ages 🙂
Garden cafeteria Po Lin Lantau Ngong Ping
I cooled off and relaxed for a while
Big Buddha hill Hong Kong flags
After shooting a timelapse sequence of the Tian Tan Buddha, I made my way out
Bus station Ngong Ping village
It was time to leave Ngong Ping and head to Tai O fishing village

My initial plan was fit the entire day’s photographs in just one post, but at 110 photos so far, I’ve kept Tai O village for a separate post.

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    Could you tell us how long it would take from the cable car to the top of the mountain?
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    Mithun Divakaran Reply:

    Well, if you buy your ticket online and go, that lets you avoid waiting in line at the ticket counter and will save you a lot of time. Then from starting station to the point where you get off, it’s like a 20 minute or so ride. Not that long. Of course, if you buy a return ticket, that’s another 20 minutes to get back.

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