Thailand: Psy in Bangkok, Siam Ocean World

Date: 27th November 2012

The previous day (26th November) was spent… nowhere. When I woke up, it was raining heavily. I had breakfast from the hotel restaurant and then just stayed indoors for much of day, doing some work online. The plan for today was to go to Maeklong ‘Railway’ Market, but it was far out and given the weather conditions, there was no guarantee I would get there in time for me to see the trains pass through.

Today (27th November), the weather only got slightly better.

Magnum chocolate truffle
I had a Magnum for ‘breakfast’

I decided to have an early lunch and walked around the area heading towards Asoke BTS.

Shalimar Indian restuarant Bangkok
I ended up find this spot on Soi 11, choc full of restaurants and a few pubs

I ate at Shalimar Sharma’s (pictured above) simply because I had reached that stage when I missed Indian masala. It had a North Indian thali which cost ฿250. Feeling full, I then began my day by going to Siam Center.

Siam Center stage setup Bangkok
I had seen a huge billboard stating Psy would be appearing on stage here today
Psy press conference stage Bangkok
Even though I was officially sick of the song, I thought why not just get a glimpse of the guy in person at this press conference
Psy press conference Bangkok
Being a work day, there weren’t too many fans either. Mostly press, and tourists.
Gangnam Style dance Siam Paragon Bangkok
I heard way too much “Gangnam Style” in Thailand. Like, every-freaking-day!
Elephants Gangnam style dance
“Gangnam Style”-fever reached fever pitch in Thailand, they even made elephants do the dance
Gangnam Style Psy in Bangkok
Psy was finally in the building!
Psy in Bangkok
Before taking to the stage, Psy left a message for the King of Thailand, who was hospitalized
Bangkok passengers Siam BTS station
Even passengers waiting for the train were looking at what was going on

Psy in Bangkok
Psy took to the stage and spoke in English — Good thing the host spoke Thai and English and did the job of a translator as well.
Psy Bangkok concert
Psy was performing later tonight at free concert at the same place I attend SM Town the day before

Even though the concert was free, I had no intention of going through the headaches of find a way to get back like I did when I attended SM Town.

Psy Thai bowing Bangkok
The press conference was brief and Psy said his goodbyes
Grey sky before rain Siam Bts
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Skies looked very dark and everyone knew a downpour was coming.
Thai women rushing into Siam Paragon
When it did, we all made a dash for Siam Paragon
Heavy rain Sukhumvit Bangkok
It poured like anything! I was was stuck inside Siam Paragon :-/

While wondering what to do now, I passed a girl who was selling tickets to Siam Ocean World and Madame Tussaud’s — both located in the Siam complex. I figured I might as well see something that stare at the rains. I bought the ticket combo for both attractions at ฿1360.

Siam Ocean World Bangkok
Siam Ocean World was located at the basement of Siam Paragon, so I went there first

Siam Ocean world entrance

Spotted garden eel Siam Oceanworld
The setup was glassed aquariums with various forms of sea life. These are spotted garden eels.

Yellow fish Siam Oceanworld aquarium Bangkok

Clown fish parrot fish Siam Ocean World Bangkok
Dory and Marlin 🙂
Spineless Cuttlefish Siam Ocean World Bangkok
Spineless Cuttlefish
Nautilus Siam Ocean World Bangkok
This shellfish is called Nautilus
Giant Spider crab Siam Oceanworld Bangkok
Yikes! The giant spider crab
Giant spider crab size Siam Ocean world
And they really are giant
Scorpion fish crab Siam Ocean world Bangkok
Scorpion fish

Visitors Siam Ocean world Bangkok

Glass tower aquarium spider crab Siam Ocean world
This was a huge coral aquarium filled with fish
Behind Siam Ocean world Bangkok
Took a peek inside
Boat Siam Oceanworld Thailand
They have boat rides (costs extra) that show you the inner workings of Siam Ocean World
Pajama cardinal fish Siam Oceanworld
Pajama cardinal fish
Banggai cardinal fish Siam ocean world
Banggai cardinal fish
Stone fish Siam Ocean world
Stone fish
Weedy sea dragon Siam Oceanworld
They have an entire section to sea dragon/sea horses

Sea Horse Siam Ocean world Thailand

Pineapple fish Siam Oceanworld
Pineapple fish
Forests Siam ocean world Bangkok
I moved on to the next section

Fish tank Siam Ocean world Thailand

African bullfrog Siam Ocean World Bangkok
African bullfrog
Poison dart tree frog Thailand
Colourful, but poisonous tree frogs

Small fish Siam Ocean world Thailand

Tourist eye fish Siam Oceanworld Thailand

Spiny tailed lizard Siam Ocean World Thailand
Spiny tailed lizard
African spurred tortoise Siam ocean world Thailand
African spurred tortoise
Colorful snakes Siam Ocean world Thailand
Taking a nap, or just shy? 🙂
Argentine horned frog Siam Oceanworld Bangkok
Argentine horned frog
Barred tiger salamander Siam Ocean World Thailand
Barred tiger salamander
Surinam toad Siam Ocean World
Surinam toad
Water rats Siam Ocean World Thailand
Water rats
Otters Ocean World Bangkok

Big fish salamander Siam Oceanworld Thailand

Touching starfish Siam Ocean World Thailand
The star fish section allows us to touch them gently
Penguins tank Siam Ocean World Thailand
Penguins get some extra large space

Penguins Siam Ocean World Thailand

Rain penguin Siam Ocean World Thailand
What does Rain/Bi have to do with penguins? I don’t know.
Home Aquatica Siam Ocean World Bangkok
This was fun demo unit of fish swimming inside home appliances

Fish microwave Siam Ocean World Thailand

Fish feet massage Siam Ocean World Thailand
Oddly or not so oddly enough, you can get the fish therapy for your feet here
Frozen seafood Siam Ocean World Thailand
But selling frozen seafood at place where all along the message is conservation? 🙂
Baby jellyfish Siam Ocean World Thailand
A few jellyfishes
Sharks Siam Ocean World Thailand
Shark tank Siam Ocean World Thailand
I was amazed at how big Siam Ocean World was
Tuk tuk Siam Ocean World Thailand
And with that, I was done

If you are wondering why I didn’t take any photos of the glass tunnel, it’s because I chose to take a video instead.

Now it was time to visit  Madam Tussauds, which was situated at the top of Siam Center. I’ll keep that for the next post.

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